Pitch Opinion: Teachers must boost confidence


Photo courtesy of Flickr.com

It is essential for teachers to instill confidence in their students.


A teacher can be the difference between a student developing a future in a subject and failing to give their best effort. If a teacher doesn’t show confidence in a student’s potential, that student should have the ability to quickly and easily switch teachers. Following that logic, if a teacher instills confidence in a student and causes a student to want to pursue the subject, the student should have the option to remain in that teacher’s class for the second semester. Teachers should always try their best to impart a love of their subject on students by making their class the best learning environment it can be.

Teachers should prioritize instilling confidence in their students, regardless of the grades they are getting, if they are showing effort in the class. They should answer questions in a helpful and engaging manner rather than refuse to explain or growl some snarky comeback, while also encouraging the student to take the liberty to explain and nudge them towards the right one.

The Pitch understands how hard a teacher’s job is. It’s not easy to meet the needs of every student. That being said, a patient and understanding teacher can do wonders for a student’s confidence. Most students react much better to positive reinforcement. This isn’t to say that a teacher should never yell or not be strict but maintaining a supportive classroom environment characterized by the freedom to take chances and ask questions is vital to a student’s development.

From a student’s perspective, a teacher with these qualities lays the perfect groundwork for a blossoming future in a subject. It is imperative that the administration seriously consider a student’s requests to stay with or switch to a certain teacher. Some students connect with a teacher’s style and methods, to which a consistent exposure can pave the way for future successes.