Point/Counterpoint: Are winter activities better inside or outside?

Dylan Weintraub snowboards down the bunny slope in liberty. She loves the winter ski season and the snow.

Point: Audrey Ring

There’s nothing better than waking up on a snowy December day. People love the winter season but don’t love the frigid air that comes with it. Thankfully, there are fun activities to do indoors that still give us that wintry feeling.
For those who still want to be active and move around, a great option are the indoor ice rinks. There are many local places to go skating, such as Cabin John Rink, Wheaton Ice Arena and Rockville Ice Arena.
“Going to Cabin John is something I look forward to every winter. My friends and I love to go ice skating. With Cabin John being so close, it makes it very easy to spend time with my friends doing something fun that we can’t in the summer,” junior Sofia Ruefli said.
Yet, even having to drive to the rink can be a hassle. Sometimes it is simply better to stay in the comfort of your own house. And with the plethora of holiday movies to watch, it could be busy all day. But what does every good Christmas movie need? Hot chocolate.
Enjoying a homemade delicious treat can always make the night better. Along with hot chocolate, another favorite holiday treat, as well as an activity, are gingerbread houses. Not only do they taste amazing, but assembling them is just as fun.
Although there are many exciting winter activities outside, there’s also an abundance of things to do in the comfort of your own home and indoor places you can go to.

Counterpoint: Peter Kahrl

You wake up on a Saturday morning, look outside the window, and you see snow. The first thing that comes to your mind is building a snowman or going sledding. You forget about the cold, windy air, and you become a child again.
“I love going outside when it snows. There’s so many activities you can do like skiing, sledding, snowball fights and more. It’s much better than staying inside and doing nothing,” senior Koki Tokizawa said.
There are a lot of sports specific to the winter season. Skiing and snowboarding are two popular examples. I look forward all year to going skiing out west and going to the local mountain, Liberty, with my friends. We have an annual ski trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, which is my favorite vacation every year.
Going sledding with friends or having a family snowball fight is a whimsical bonding experience and protrudes immense joy, which can only be experienced during the winter season.
Building a snowman takes you back in time to a younger self. It is such a pure experience. The ravaging of sticks for arms and a perfect carrot for the nose, finally brings your creation to life and gives it the necessary characteristics to be imagined as a living thing.
One of the most elegant sports is done during the winter season as well. Ice skating allows a person to dance upon the ice with such grace it is entrancing to watch.
Some people like inside activities because they don’t like the cold weather, but they are missing out on the greatest joys of the winter season.