Boys’ basketball’s past prosperity guides bright future

Ethan Oyeniyi

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Photo taken by Xan Korman
About a week before their first game, senior Josh Forburger working his way throught the drills at practice he strengthen the growth of himself and the team.

Boys’ basketball is back and better than ever.

After having their best season in school history last year, finishing with a record of 18-4, boys’ varsity basketball is ready to begin a new season hoping for even better results. However, it will take some time and effort, having lost last year’s senior starters.

“Any time you have 10 seniors that graduate you’re going to have to do some shuffling around. We’re bringing guys up from JV, we have a few kids that transferred in so I think we have a good enough group of guys that we’ll be just fine,” coach Kevin Parrish said.

With two new senior transfers in guards Kai Holloway and Mikel Fornwald, the team is hoping that the void left by last year’s seniors will be filled. They have already built some chemistry and they are eager to see how it translates on the court.

The first game of the season is on Dec. 6, against Gaithersburg High School, and the team believes that they are ready. A key to having a successful team this year will be chemistry, everyone working together.

“It all comes down to chemistry. In order to be successful, everyone just has to buy into what we’re trying to do and we’ll win a lot of games. As a team, we just need to rebound and play good defense and we’ll be fine,” junior guard Philip Stubin said.

There’s one end goal for the team this year: The state championship. Last year, they beat out the entire division and made it to the regional final, but lost to Richard Montgomery by only a few points. This year, they hope to be back.

“The main guys to look out for this season would be Philip Stubin, Josh Forburger, Bealu (Bezabeh), and the rest of the seniors on the team,” Parrish said.

The boys know what they need to do, now it’s time to show it on the court.