Bocce has best result in game against BCC


Junior Justin Zimmer pitches the bocce ball. Photo courtesy of Lifetouch.

Hailey Chaikin

On Tuesday, January 15 WJ bocce played BCC high school and lost 2-1.

The first set was a loss for the Cats. The stands were filled with fans and the team was just getting warmed up. The score of the first set was 6-2 BCC.

The second set, however, was much more interesting. For most of the set the Cats were tied with the Barons. Senior Daniel Menashe had a great throw, knocking the pallina, or the target ball, away from the BCC ball in the second set. With 50 seconds left in the second set, they were tied at 5-5. Accurate aim helped them pull off a 6-5 win for the second set.

This is the first time the Cats have made it to the third set and they came out excited and strong. They made a few good throws, but with 10 minutes left they were losing 4-1. Both balls were less than an inch away from the pallina, but the Baron’s was just a bit closer. The game ended with a score of 5-1.

Even though they lost, WJ stayed optimistic. Junior Justin Zimmer is confident that the team can bounce back from this loss.

“It went well, we went into a third set, so that’s an accomplishment,” Zimmer said. “The flooring is tough in each gym surface and that’s unpredictable, but we have a solid team and solid foundation.”

Coach Christine McArdle also shared her thoughts about the game.

“The first game, I feel like we were kind of warming up, the second game we brought it, and the third game didn’t go our way today, but that’s alright,” McArdle said. “We’re going to continue working on that, we have some good strategies that we need to work on.”

Bocce looks forward to their next game on Tuesday, January 23 against Richard Montgomery at RM at 3:30 p.m.