Robert Griffin III Eyeing NFL Comeback

Seth Cohen

This fall, it won’t be Colin Kaepernick or Johnny Manziel returning to the field. Instead it’ll be former Washington Redskin, Robert Griffin III. He will be trying to rejuvenate his career as he signed a one-year contract with the Baltimore Ravens last Wednesday.

The last time we truly saw Robert Griffin III, excluding his brief stint with the Browns, he was nursing an MCL injury he obtained during his rookie year. It’s crazy because he sustained the injury against the Ravens. The injury was then escalated later during a playoff game that same season. After that, he wasn’t the same explosive player he was his rookie year. Some believe that he really isn’t that great of quarterback while others hold on to the athleticism he put on display his rookie year.

The former Redskin is now back in the football universe and while he will be backing up Ravens’ current quarterback, Joe Flacco, many people are excited to see what Robert Griffin III will bring to the table this season. Many fans aren’t shy to voice their thoughts on the signing.

“You really know no one wants you when he goes to the team that ended his career by shredding his knee,” senior Ali Husain, a 10 year Ravens fan, said.

Husain wasn’t thrilled by the signing, but quickly added, “well anyone at this point is better than Flacco.”

Freshman Allie Firestone also voiced her opinion on the signing of Robert Griffin III.

“If RGII makes a comeback then we’ll be in good shape, but otherwise he’s either going to be useless to the team or prevent us from advancing,” Firestone said. “So we’re just going to have to see how he does with the team.”

Those are the opinions of two Ravens’ fans. What does the rest of the football world think? Well, senior Michael Nevett, a Giants fan, offered his insight on the matter.

“I think it’s good for him that he’s healthy enough to be signed. I wish him good health and success on his new team,” Nevett said.

It appears that Robert Griffin III has many supporters that are excited for him. We’ll just now have to wait and see if he’ll have the comeback that’s envisioned.