Boys Lacrosse Wrap Up

Jeremy Smith


The boys lacrosse season came to an abrupt end as they failed to make it past the third round of the playoffs for the fourth straight year. This year they fell to Whitman, and gave up a season-high of 16 goals while only tallying 12.

“It was a very offensive heavy game and we made more mistakes than they did,” said junior midfield Sean Geier.

In WJ’s first matchup on May 7 against Whitman, they fell by a score of 4-9, tying the amount of goals they allowed in a season.

Even though the team had an early exit in the postseason, the team still considers the season a good year; they had a 9-3 record which included key wins against rivals and an eight-game win streak.

“We had a very good season with a lot of victories that were not expected of us, especially over Sherwood and Churchill,” said Geier.  “We really learned how to play as a whole.”

The idea of a far run in the postseason was dashed after three students on the team were thrown off the team for disiplinary reasons for harassing another player. This incident dashed the hopes of the contending ‘Cats and ridded the team of a starting defense, making secondary players step up.

“The other guys who filled their spots really stepped up, but it was still a big mental loss,” said Geier.

Coach John Mayer believes that a good workout ethic will lead to future success for the squad.

“All I can do is lay down a plan for the off-season and hope that players work had to improve their play,” said Mayer.  “It is their job to go to camp, play summer league, and hit the wall and weight room.”

Although the team has had postseason struggles, their regular season success shows that can overcome their playoff trouble and have success in the future.

“We are returning so many players, I expect to do very well next season and our goal as a team is to make it further in the playoffs than they did this year,” said Mayer.