Softball: March 21-25 Recap

Jessica Evans, Editorial Editor

Games: Tuesday, March 22 at Rockville and Wednesday, March 23 v. Blair

Scores: 15-6 (win v. Rockville)  9-2 (loss v. Blair)

Highlights: Against Rockville, “Hannah [Flesch] hit a 2-run homerun and Bethany Buel pitched and had 12 strikeouts. Top of the seventh inning was our power inning at the plate, we scored eight runs during that one inning.” -Coach Jamie Ahearn.

Against Blair, “Amy Pigman hit a triple and scored on an error by their outfielder on the throw to third base.” -Ahearn

MVP: Junior Hannah Flesch (vs. Rockville), junior pitcher Bethany Buel (vs. Blair)

Player’s Insight: “Rockville was a great game, we got comfortable hitting and it was a great way to start the season,” said senior co-captain Dana Marks.  “Blair was a tough loss but we can only go forward – we have a whole season in front of us.” 

Record: 1-1

Next Game: Saturday, March 31, 7 WJ