In the spotlight: WJ tennis captains


Danielle Sklarew, Staff Writer

What makes a good captain? Strong leadership, a positive attitude and the power to motivate his or her teammates. Seniors Danielle Moss and Lizzie Ackerman encompass all of these traits, as they captain the Walter Johnson tennis team this season.

Both have been playing tennis for many years, although it was fairly recently that they became focused on the sport.

“I started playing tennis the summer before eighth grade because I knew I wanted to work towards making the team at WJ,”Ackerman said.

Moss, however, made tennis her primary sport for a different reason.

“I started focusing on tennis the summer before ninth grade because I wanted to separate from my ‘conjoined twin’ Madison who played basketball; I wasn’t aggressive enough to play basketball so I stuck with tennis,” said Moss, referring to the fact that she is a triplet who considers herself very close with her siblings.

Despite their different reasons for choosing the sport, both Moss and Ackerman enjoy their duties as the tennis captains this year. After four years on the team, they are appreciating their new roles.

“My favorite part of being captain is bossing people around and organizing team events,”Ackerman said.

The girls both appreciate the energetic underclassmen they lead this year.

“The thing I enjoy most about being captain is always having underclassmen to get my water for me. They’re the best,” Moss said

As the season dwindles, the girls are becoming sentimental about their final season coming to a close.

“As a senior, I’m going to miss being part of such an awesome team and participating in spirit days,” Ackerman said.

Moss agrees and said she will strongly miss this energetic team.

“As this is my last year of WJ tennis, I’m deeply saddened by the thought of not being able to deeply converse with my teammates when I am gone,” Moss said.