Senior Drew Hickman reflects on career


Senior night was a night to commemorate and honor the seniors. This was the last home game that the varsity girls’ volleyball plays before the playoffs. Senior Drew Hickman reflected on her four-year career.

“My favorite memories will be laughing with my teammates,” Hickman said.

Even though she enjoyed playing for WJ volleyball, she is not sad to be leaving high school.

“I will not be sad that this is my last year because I will always remember the memories we have and this will not be the end of my volleyball career,” Hickman said.

Hickman thinks she might play club volleyball in college.

She has enjoyed her career thus far. There have been some particular moments that encapsulated both her joy playing the sport as well as the memories made with teammates.

“The most fun thing about playing volleyball is always messing around with my teammates,” Hickman said.

Hickman is unsure where she will attend college, but she thinks it will most likely be out of state and she is looking to study bio-medical engineering. Hickman is excited for whatever the future holds. 

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