Field Hockey Recap: Oct. 12 – Oct. 20

Josh Benjamin, Staff Writer

The varsity field hockey team has continued to dominate their division, as seen in their last two wins against Sherwood and Springbrook.
Senior captain and defender Dana Marks attributes the team’s success to great teamwork, especially evident in the Lady Wildcats’ 2-0 win against Sherwood on Tuesday, Oct. 12, also the team’s senior night.
“It was a great game,” said Marks. “We had fans in the stands and [we] played our kind of game together as a team. Those are my favorite kinds of games [when] we play together, feel good about it afterwards and come off with a win.”

Following the Sherwood win, the team then defeated Springbrook (2-1) on Friday, Oct. 15.

“It was a really good game for us,” said senior defender Shenelle Sanoir. “We all played well off each other and fought hard to win. The win against Springbrook was overall a great team effort.”

The team played Blake yesterday and ended their five-game winning streak, losing 2-0. However, the team still has playoffs to look forward to, with the draw for the tournament bracket tomorrow.