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    Five Up-and-Coming Songs: October 2014

    Fall is finally here and that means new music releases for the last quarter of the year. While it seems apparent that certain records will top the charts with contenders like Taylor Swift’s “1989” and Calvin Harris’ “Motion” being released, singles are not as easy to sell as a full albums. We chose five songs, slowly...

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    Song Of The Week: “No Enemiesz” by Kiesza

    The Vogue-esque “No Enemiesz” is Canadian-born artist Kiesza’s new single from her ’90s influenced debut album out next month. 00

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    Celebrities Show Support for Ferguson Protests

    On Aug. 9, an unarmed black teen named Michael Brown was shot and killed by a police officer. This incident came right on the heels of George Zimmerman’s acquittal for the murder of Treyvon Martin and caused violent protests in Brown’s hometown of Ferguson and across the globe. Protests (often violent) have continued...

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    First Glance: New Fall 2014 Shows

    TV watchers and entertainment geeks alike freak out over the announcement of the new fall TV pilots planned every year. All your favorite shows from “The Big Bang Theory” to “Modern Family” have been through their first TV season, and now, new ones step up to the plate this year. Check out our...

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    Song of The Week: “Hunger” by Sam Sure

    Sam Sure, a new voice emerging from the underground London music scene, released a new track via Black Butter Records to critical acclaim. 00

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    New Apple Products Announced: iPhone 6, Apple Watch And More

    On Sept. 9, Apple announced their highly anticipated iPhone 6 and the all-new Apple Watch through a Keynote presentation headed by CEO Tim Cook. The Keynote lasted about 123 minutes and was jam packed with new content coming from the tech company including the iPhone 6 announcement. With a new iPhone usually comes...

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    Video of the Week: The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Plays Family Feud

    In this hilarious video, Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon is joined by How I Met Your Mother star Jason Siegel for a game of family feud. 00

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    A Monthly Food Subscription for Everyone’s Taste

    There are a plethora of monthly subscription boxes that have hit the market recently. Customers sign up online for a certain price and are sent a new  box of products to try every month. From monthly make-up products, to men’s razors, there is something out there for everyone. If food is what tickles your fancy, here are a...

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    Second Royal Baby On The Way

    On Sept. 8, the news broke that Britain’s Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their second...

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    One Direction Announces New Album

    The morning of Sept. 8, Brit-boy band One Direction announced their fourth studio album appropriately titled “Four.” As a thank you to their loyal fans, for the next 24 hours, they will be releasing their first single, “Fireproof,” on their site for free. The new track is written by group members Louis Tomlinson and Liam...

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    5 Best Concerts To Attend In The DC Area: September 2014

    DC is chocked full of some of the best clubs in the country, including the Rolling Stone-acclaimed 9:30 Club. With over five artists in September alone having to add a second show because their first was so high in demand, you can tell this fall’s DC roster for concerts is better than ever. Check...

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    “The Wolf of Wall Street”: A Captivating and Thrilling Flick

    Chock full of drugs, money and sex, “The Wolf of Wall Street” is a thrilling ride from start to finish. The movie, which was nominated for several academy awards, follows a young stock broker named Jordan Bellford (Leonardo DiCaprio) who dreams of making the big time. After being fired from his job at the bottom...

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