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    A Penny for Your Thoughts?

    In the past ten years, the Internet has become a place where people can create, comment or express their opinions. Few sites display this as well as YouTube, which has always been a place for people to express their creativity, with many people able to earn a living from making videos. Recently,...

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    “Thor: The Dark World”: On Blonde Gods and Hammers

     So after a disappointing post-Avengers experience in “Iron Man 3,” I’m stuck looking to “Thor: The Dark World” to deliver. But with the trend of Avengers sequels getting progressively worse, and the original movie being fantastically okay, my hopes are a little less than high.  The trailer shows Earth’s invasion by a dark...

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    “Gravity” Soars

    Alfonso Cuaron’s thriller “Gravity” isn’t just a movie; it’s an experience.  The 3D thriller set a box office record for the month of October by earning $55.6 million in U.S. and Canadian theatres, and for good reason.  This movie is an instant science fiction classic. The movie stars seasoned Hollywood veterans Sandra...

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    A Midsummer Night’s Dream Preview

    “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” I hear the monotonous groan of a thousand high school students, cringing at the thought of another encounter with Sir William Shakespeare. I mean, let’s be honest here, every time you hear the word Shakespeare, a little part of you dies. For most, Shakespeare means slogging through boring reading,...

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    (Continued from Print): Summer Playlists: Start Off Summer with a Kick

    Ali’s Picks Somebody – Jukebox the Ghost Sweeter – Gavin Degraw Ok It’s Alright with Me – Eric Hutchinson  Cars – Lady Danville This Head I Hold – Electric Guest Little Talks – Of Monsters and Men Afterglow – Schuyler Fisk From Me to You – The Beatles Chicken Fried – Zac...

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    “Black Plague” Sweeps the Nation

    Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday Today is Friday, Friday… Tomorrow is Saturday And Sunday comes afterwards Sound familiar?...

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    A Speech Worth Listening To

    The theater was as packed as the midnight premiere of a Harry Potter film, leaving me with...

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    127 Hours: One Severed Arm Up!

    The human spirit can lift us from some very challenging circumstances. The will to live can be...

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