Redskins to hold part of training camp here at WJ

Grant Weaver, Assistant Sports Editor

The Washington Redskins announced yesterday that they had selected a school to hold part of their training camp at.  The Redskins looked at all of the high schools in the D.C. Metro area, and by last Friday had narrowed it down to three schools; Centreville High School in Virginia, St. Johns College High School in D.C. and Walter Johnson High School in Maryland.

In a formal press conference, Redskins owner Dan Snyder, who attended the former Woodward High School, announced that WJ would be hosting the camp.  When reviewing the final three schools, Snyder said that many things WJ offered were not seen at the other schools.  Snyder said he thought the team locker rooms were state-of-art, and was even looking to copy the design over at FedEx field for the next season.

He also mentioned the fact that at 10:52 am, he can let his players go over and invade the Giant, Chipotle and other Georgetown Square amenities.  The players also commented on the food choices, Quarterback Robert Griffin III said the he loved the fact that there was a Subway at G-Square because he said that from his sponsorship and commercials, he can get free food.

Head coach Jon Gruden also mentioned the fact that his players would have quality film sessions over at the Davis Library before or after practice.

“We believe there is no better place to watch film in the entire DMV than the Davis- it just has everything we were looking for,” Gruden said.

The Redskins were also thinking about coming back and playing one of their preseason games at the WJ Stadium.

Snyder said, “The incredible opportunity to play a game at a field that is nicer than ours only comes around once in a long while.”

Some players will take advantage of the teachers on scene and will sit in on classes and re-learn some material that has been lost since they starting ramming heads with other men.