Capitals lose Stanley Cup trophy to robbery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The Capitals won their first ever Stanley Cup last June. However, after an incident last night the cup is no longer in their possession.

Zachary Meyers, Sports Editor

The Washington Capitals are in the midst of a division-winning season, and the task to repeat as Stanley Cup champions has some major problems associated with it. This morning around 2 a.m., a call came into the police department from Capitals star Alexander Ovechkin reporting that his house was robbed, and that the Stanley Cup is missing.

When the news broke the media went into a frenzy, asking where is the cup? Ovechkin responded to the media today about the controversy.

“I don’t know what happened to the cup. I tucked it into bed and gave it a kiss goodnight around 10 p.m. Then, when I checked on it in the middle of the night it was gone,” Ovechkin said.

 After the incident, the Walter Johnson community mourned the loss of their beloved Stanley Cup, showing up to school today rocking the red. Right before seventh period the entire school had 44 seconds of silence to signify the years we waited to bring the cup back to Washington. Throughout the day, countless students were crying at the thought of the cup being gone, with many having some strong words to say about the situation.

“It’s an utter disgrace that someone would take the cup. I bet you it was those crooked Penguins being all salty that the Caps finally beat them in the playoffs, ending their chance for a three peat,” junior Michael Rubin said.

Rubin’s idea isn’t out of the question. The Caps and Penguins have been rivals for decades, with the Caps never seeming to find an answer for the Penguins each and every year, labeling the Caps as chokers. But when the Caps finally got over the hump this year, ending the Penguins’ reign as champions, with a championship back in Washington, you could tell the Penguins were angry… angry enough to steal the cup! Not to mention some shocking evidence that came out after the situation.

 “I saw some guy around 5’11”, 200 pounds, who looked about 31 years old suspiciously walking around Ovechkin’s neighborhood. When I asked him what he was doing, he had a strong Canadian accent and was fumbling his words,” an anonymous source said.

 What a shock — these attributes describe Penguins captain Sidney Crosby. Though innocent until proven guilty,  all the evidence points towards him. The NHL will conduct a thorough investigation into this matter and take down the culprit; Washington needs their cup back.