Wildcat basketball players and fans get nationwide recognition

Lydia FitzPatrick

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WJ varsity boys basketball team hold up their Ws after their exciting overtime win against Walt Whitman High School. This picture was taken right after Coach Parrish had received the call about being invited to 30 for 30, so the boys were feeling very exhilarated in this moment.

WJ boys’ basketball shocked the school this year with their tremendous season and playoff wins. While preparing for their state championship game, coach Kevin Parrish got a surprising call. The ESPN manager of the documentary film series 30 for 30 had heard about the Wildcat team this season and their highly spirited student section, and wanted in.

Tune in to ESPN on Monday, April 1 at 7 p.m. to see the WJ boys’ basketball team and the special seniors chosen to appear on 30 for 30 for their very own documentary. You may be wondering how this happened; how did they get this opportunity? Many people helped get them here, and they themselves deserve this out of any school in this country. Gang green always wins.

“I’m really honored to have this opportunity to be featured on such a great show,” senior forward Hank Roll said. “We’ve really put our hearts into this season and it’s paid off.”

The players have truly put in their best effort this season and it shows, along with the help of the famous WJ student section that dress up for “funerals” of the opposing team and have a reputation for storming the court after a Wildcat win. With the victories and the spirit, it was all too much for ESPN 30 for 30 producer Bill Simmons to ignore. They had to have the wildcats on their show.

How did Simmons find out about the Wildcat domination in Montgomery County? A young fellow known as “2k Forbes” is to thank. Videographer Remi Ali is famous around the county for his recent gain in followers on his Instagram account. He attends high school basketball games, gets coverage on his camera, and edits it down into a one-minute video for social media that hypes up students who broadcast it all over their Instagram stories.

“I love what I do, man,” Ali said. “I just want to thank everyone for the love and support, man. You guys are amazing.”

Simmons’ high school daughter showed him one of the Wildcat videos and he stood in awe. When he saw star sophomore point guard Philip Stubin leading the team to victory in front of the sold-out student section roaring the entire game, he knew what he had to do.

“I was shocked when Coach told us about 30 for 30,” Stubin said. “This has been a crazy ride and I am so humbled that it gets to be shown to the world.”

This news has excited the students as well, since they have been there supporting every game, truly helping the team towards their wins. Senior Thomas Zinngrebe was one of the few special seniors chosen to appear on the show with the team.

“This is crazy stuff,” Zinngrebe said. “The team feels like family to me because I just support them with all my heart and soul. Madcows till I die, man.”