WJ introduces exciting new pool activities


Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

The WJ pool has been a place for students to relax for years. New renovations and activities have taken the hangout spot to new heights.

As we head into warmer months it’s time to check out some of the new additions to WJ’s most popular hangout spot: the WJ Pool. With extra funds being handed to Principal Jennifer Baker this year following RM’s unfair court-storming after their regionals win, the pool was able to be revamped for the upcoming summer.

Let’s go through the tour. Everybody knows about the elevator to get to the pool in Laura Brager’s room- wait, do they?

“I don’t know why more people haven’t caught on. Why does everyone think so many people come to my room for lunch?” Brager said.

The elevator will take you up to the rooftop where speakers blast WJ 2kforbes videos while the Poms do the snake all the way down the green carpet. At the end of the carpet ,you’ll be faced by a wall of leadership students demanding the password. Keep in mind, only upperclassmen know the password so you’ll either have to ask one of them or wait until you’re old enough. Once you give the password, you’re in the all clear and can enjoy a period in paradise!


Here are the new activities that have been added:


Water Polo: As we all know, students have been campaigning for water polo to be added to sports program since WJ’s opening in 1956. Head of the WJ Athletics Department, Tom Rogers, could barely keep up with all the requests from students over the years.

“I never realized how much the kids here like water polo,” Rogers said. “Like seriously, I even had a student show up at my house just to show me a PowerPoint of why water polo is crucial to the athletics program. I think from that moment on I knew what had to be done.”

Tryouts will be held on April 20 at the WJ pool. Rogers wanted to make it clear that students do not need to bring their own water, since we have a pool. The team’s first game will be April 33 against BCC, with AP Lang teacher Ian Matthews set to provide commentary at the match.


Fishing: Sponsored by our friends at Giant, fishing is now an official WJ sport. With live fish delivered directly from G-Square, students will be able to compete and practice their skills against fellow students before participating in country-wide championships. Tim Rodman is expected to coach the team and, although he has minimal fishing experience, Baker is hoping his last name will give him that extra edge over opponents.

“It took me a couple practices before I got the joke, and then I realized, ‘Oh, that’s why I’m here,’” Rodman said.