Teachers return to school early


Photo by Lucas Gillespie

WJ has been empty for the last two and half weeks due to the Coronavirus and teachers have missed WJ and returned early for some fun!

Last week Principal Jennifer Baker was called to investigate after a bunch of community members reported that they saw nearly 50 teachers and staff members enter the building. Teachers were beginning to go stir crazy without going to school and missed WJ so much.

English teacher Janelle Ryan broke into WJ to grab some snacks from her room.

“I had a craving for Oreo’s and the Trader Joe’s Os that I hid in my closet. I was surprised to see teachers congregating in classrooms,” Ryan said.

Ryan ended up getting sucked in and began taking Spanish and art classes.

Teachers were caught buying all of the snacks in the vending machines, using the swimming pool on the roof, holding art, yoga, language, classes for each other, watching movies and performing skits in the Auditorium.

Social studies teacher Kimberly Reif missed her Promethean board she wanted to visit school.

“A life without my Promethean board is not a life I want to live,” Reif said.

Teachers began asking her for travel tips so she began teaching a class on how to plan a fun trip.

“I really enjoyed the class. It was a nice way for me to escape from reality and my kids. I want to teach my own class now” social studies teacher Allison Hoefling said.

“I’m really jealous that the teachers were able to see their friends again. I really miss my friends and hate that I can’t see all of my friends in person,” senior Colin Willner said.

Baker kicked all of the teachers out and collected all of their key cards and they wouldn’t be given back their key cards until school reopened again. Baker scolded the teachers for setting a bad example and reminded students and faculty that the school building and grounds are off limits until school reopens.