Jackson Biggs turns to Shrek

Robert Hsu

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This photo (taken 35 feet away due to the repelling effects of his odor) shows Biggs in 6th period Madrigals just 2 days before the opening of Shrek. His intense methods such as not showering and dressing as Shrek out of rehearsals have been polarizing among students.

The 2022 Oscars saw one of the most shocking turn of events in television history in which live in front of millions of people Will Smith pimp slapped Chris Rock and then won the Oscar for lead actor in a film. Smith joins an elite cast of actors including legends such as Robert De Niro, Phillip Seymor Hoffman, and Daniel Day-Lewis. Day-Lewis in particular is known for his intense method acting, often staying in character throughout shooting.

These methods have been controversial among the acting community and especially the musical theater company at WJ stage. For the production of Shrek the Musical, senior Jackson Biggs took on this approach when portraying the title character.

“It started off slow,” senior Jakob Sandberg, who acts opposite Jackson as the villainous Lord Farquad, said.

Around a month before the show was set the cast noticed a peculiar smell emanating from the Jackson.

“I stopped showering in order to try and get into the proper mindset of the character. I think that I really didn’t get the true essence of the character until I actually started showering again, except instead of using normal water, I used the water from the rain drainage system at the bottom of my street and instead of soap I used rabbit s— I found in my yard,” Biggs said.

This commitment to his craft was not enough it seems as a week later he started wearing traditional orge attire that would be in line with what Shrek would be wearing. Instead of his usual sweatshirt and basketball shorts he began to dress in a burlap sack and what looked like an incredibly itchy looking pair of pants.

“What little drip he had before was reduced down to absolutely nothing. Pulse he smells God awful,” junior Ryan Mulligan said.

Compounding on the negative drip and just rancid smell he began to shift his speaking pattern to what can only be described as your drunk uncle doing an offensive Scottish accent at thanksgiving dinner. He also began to wear his green makeup to school. All of these elements combined to give off the appearance of neither Jackson Biggs or Shrek, but instead a homeless man dying of an incurable disease.

The incense transformation process however is something that has been controversial to say the least with his fellow cast members. Senior Marteo*, who portrays Shreks best friend Donkey, has been an outspoken critic of his co-stars’ methods.

“I’m all for taking Shrek seriously but let’s be honest, this is a high school musical. This level of commitment would be too much for a professional let alone someone who doesn’t come to school half the time,” Grant said.

It is unsure whether or not Biggs will continue his transformation after the end of the show but for the sake of our collective noses an actual shower would be greatly appreciated.