Chipotle closes its doors to students


Photo courtesy of DoorDash

Chipotle’s food is a widespread craze around the nation. For many students, Chipotle is a relativity cheap, nutritious, a delicious option for lunch.

Everyday students flock to Georgetown Square seeking out lunch. The main source of attraction is Chipotle. Students line up one by one to get their lunch there. Yet now that is no longer an option.

Over the past year we have had numerous fights and disturbances near or at Chipotle. The management is done with it. Chipotle is closing down during school lunch hours.

“What the frick, I can’t believe that Chiptole is closed, how am I supposed to get my free soda everyday now,” freshman Dylan O’Brien said.

For many underclassmen without a car, Chipotle is how they eat at lunch. Lots of students don’t bring lunches and don’t think Flippin Pizza is enough food and aren’t huge fans of Subway leaving Chiptole as one of the only options.

Many people have been getting very upset at their peers that have participated in these disturbances and blame their fellow students for increasing tensions.

“It’s just the freshmen’s fault,” senior Avi Patel said.

Many seniors blame the freshman as they believe the upperclassmen have grown more mature and don’t typically start fights at Georgetown Square. Yet freshmen are just as upset if not more upset than the seniors about Chipotle’s decisions.

“I already thought it was crazy enough that we had a 30 minute time limit to be inside, but completely shutting it down is more than just a stretch. Chipotle was one of the main spots students go to spend their lunch time, so shutting it down not only limits students’ lunch options, but also delays their own business,” sophomore Josh Degala said.

With Chipotle closed students need new spots to go to lunch. Many other walkable locations have been closed or are often too busy and won’t be able to handle such an influx of students. This leaves many underclassmen with nowhere to stay at lunch except at school. This will inevitably lead to the overcrowding of school hallways at lunch.

Many students are calling for Chipotle to reconsider.

“Chipotle needs to consider the enormous amount of business we give them and not punish everyone for the actions of the few,” senior Patel said.