Class of 2023 senior prank: cow on roof


Photo courtesy of Flickr

The class of 2023 senior prank has finally arrived with a cow being placed on the roof. The cow was stuck on top of Walter Johnson roof for 3 hours before finally being rescued.

Senior pranks have been a staple of senior traditions at Walter Johnson for decades. In fact, the reason for our mascot being the madcows is because of a past senior prank where students put a cow on the roof. In recent years the seniors have been lackluster and controversial, especially last year. However this all changed this year when the seniors dug deep into WJs roots and put a cow on the roof once again. Ms. Baker and the police are still looking for the seniors who did this as it is a major offense.

The main suspect at this time is senior Chris Tamero who was seen walking into the school with what looked like a cow on the security cameras at approximately 10pm last friday night. The Pitch was able to get an exclusive interview with Tamero about the incident.

“Last friday night I was at the school because I was preparing for a cosplay convention which is why I had a cow costume with me, not the actual cow that was found on the roof. I believe that another senior, Braden LaChapell may be the person behind this”, Tamero said.

It is unclear at this time whether or not Tamero is lying or is actually an avid cosplayer. However we must investigate this new lead that LaChapelle is the man behind this prank. When asked about the incident LaCapelle declined to comment but we were able to get a hold of a security guard for their opinion on the matter.

“Braden is a very suspicious character who has already had his run-ins with us especially at this year’s basketball games, so I would not be surprised if he was the mastermind behind this prank,” an anonymous security guard said.