The Pitch and Spectator merge into the Pitchtator


Illustration by Rhea Noumair

This is the official new logo that will be printed in each issue of the Pitchtator.

The Pitch and Spectator Magazine are both well-known schoolwide student publications. The Pitch is Walter Johnson’s digital and print newspaper and the Spectator Magazine is the school’s literary and arts magazine. However, after decades of operating independently, the two are merging to create…the Pitchtator.

The merger comes after months of planning and discussion, and the new publication promises to offer even more opportunities for students to showcase their creativity and writing skills.

The decision to merge the two publications was made after the staff members of both the Pitch and Spectator Magazine realized that they shared a similar vision and wanted to create a more comprehensive publication, ultimately leading to the birth of the Pitchtator. The new publication will focus on combining the informative journalistic style of the Pitch with the artistic and creative flair of Spectator Magazine.

According to the editors of the two publications, the merger will result in a more diverse and dynamic publication that will showcase the talents of all students.

“We hope that the Pitchtator will not only highlight the amazing work being done by students, but also serve as a platform for students to use their voice and speak up about issues and events in our school and the world around us,” senior Zsuzsanna Juhasz, a current Pitch and Spectator staff member, said.

The new publication will cover a variety of news, features, opinion pieces and creative writing. It will also showcase student artwork and photography. The print issue of the publication will come out on a monthly basis and will be distributed to all students and faculty members.

The Pitch adviser Wendy Borrelli and Spectator Magazine adviser Alexia Chatfield are looking forward to working together on the Pitchtator.

I’ve known Mrs. Borrelli for quite some time now, and I know we will be a power duo in helping our students create a high-quality publication.

— Alexia Chatfield

The merger has been met with enthusiasm from both the school community and the staff members of the Pitch and Spectator Magazine. The editors of the new publication are excited about the possibilities that the merger presents and are looking forward to creating a publication that reflects the diversity and creativity of the school community.

“I think it’s a great opportunity for members of the Pitch and Spectator to work together and learn from each other,” Pitch opinion editor, junior Rachael Wolfson said. “I hope the community is as excited about this development as we are.”