WJ counseling offers mental health support for G-Square employees


Photo by Nour Faragallah

A Giant employee directs WJ students through self-checkout. G-Square employees are inconvenienced by some students sometimes which is why WJ Counseling stepped in to offer them mental health services.

WJ counseling announced last week that they would start offering mental health services to Georgetown Square employees. WJ Counselors aim to provide students with all resources to help them with their mental problems, which has been an ongoing effort with the recent addition of a social worker, a school psychologist and a wellness center. The department is now planning to expand its services to G-Square employees who serve students food during lunch in the various restaurants in G-Square. This change primarily comes to address the trauma some employees go through while serving students lunch.

For stores like Giant, students overwhelmingly crowd the store during lunch hours. Several students shoplift and just act rude to employees. In the past, The Pitch has reported that Giant employees have seen students do absurd and annoying things like one time a student ate half of a donut and left it on the ground in front of him.

For Starbucks, employees have previously reported that students have done things such as keying the bathroom dryer, stealing mobile orders and “just being loud and making people uncomfortable.”

“Working at Giant is fine but some of these students make it so much harder, I yearn for summer break when we don’t see them for a while,” a Giant employee said.

The decision to many counselors isn’t surprising but there are many concerns over the time commitment.

“This expansion is inevitable, the school gets so many complaints about student behavior at local businesses whether it is fighting or shoplifting but I am worried about if we have enough time because as counselors we are already swamped with students, especially during college applications season,” counselor Benjamin O’Hara said.

The decision has also been met with a lot of praise from the employees themselves.

“Finally someone gets what we go through and is willing to help but I do hear from students that the counselors don’t really help them anyways so I don’t how effective it will be but at least an effort was made,” a Flippin employee said.