WJ cuts fall sports


Photo by Nick Opipari

WJ Athletics has been stripped of all fall sports for the upcoming school year.

Although the recent schoo fundraisers have been advertised as successful, they have been everything but that. The mulch sale cost the school thousands of dollars. Pennies for patients raised a lot of money, right? No, the school fabricated the numbers. This loss has destroyed the school’s budget for the upcoming school year.

The first change that will be made is the elimination of all fall sports. They cost the school way too much money and without any backup cash, they cannot fund these sports.

“I’m really disappointed in the school’s fundraising. It’s absurd that we can’t even afford to have a cross country team,” cross country coach Ashley St. Denis said.

The removal of fall sports was not an expected solution to the budgeting problem. In efforts to resolve the issue, all Walter Johnson sports teams have announced a recall of all team merchandise. Although this doesn’t seem like an idea that will work at all, it’s better than doing nothing.

“I can’t believe I really waited the whole year for the school to come out and do this to us. I trained throughout the offseason, and now we can’t play because the school can’t properly raise money? I would expect better from a school that earns so much praise,” junior soccer player Sid Scale said.

Students have prepared all year for this and have been broken by the school’s decision. There has not been anything official on whether or not there will be winter sports, but as of right now it’s looking like they will continue as planned.