Students explore summer job opportunities


Freshman Henry Bagshaw lifeguards at his local pool. The summer is a great time for students to earn a little extra money in their free time. Photo courtesy of Molly Benson.

Molly Benson

Soon enough alarms and parents coming in rooms for a wake up call will stop haunting the brains of students with summer approaching. The whole 24 hour day will be free to do whatever, whether it’s spending your day in the hot sand next to the ocean, or getting a sunburn at a local pool. Students are ready to let go of their backpacks and earn some summer money.

Most teens think about how they’re going to be able to pay for the expensive water bottle they want, or how they’ll pay for a concert they want to go to in the summer. There’s only one way for teens to make their own money, and that’s with a job. Summer jobs can range from something boring like sitting in a lifeguard chair, to something exciting like being a camp counselor.

“Lifeguarding isn’t the most fun job I’ve had, but it’s a good way to earn some money,” sophomore Gillian Birdsong said.

Working as a lifeguard comes with the responsibility of being certified first, then having to take out trash, clean the bathrooms, sit at the front desk, and most importantly sit up in the chair. This may seem like a lot, but many people do enjoy working as a lifeguard.

“It’s kind of fun since I’m with people I like and I’m at the pool all day,” junior Dermot O’Kelly said.

Other students have more fun working at summer camps, and are old enough to be counselors.

“It’s my first year being able to work as a camp counselor, and I’ve had so much fun being a camper, so I’m really excited to start having fun while earning money,” sophomore Lily Salvatore said.