Students share expectations for the school year


photo by Tissa Amaira

Students enjoy lunch outside of the school building while the weather is seasonal. “Having open lunch allows for more free [time]” freshman Timmy Gaul said.

In March 2020, students around the nation were sent home and were told that they will be having a two week break. Like most, WJ students were excited hearing this news. However, nobody expected that this short break would last longer. Now, nearly two years later, schools are finally reopening. Students, new and old, have differing opinions on this return.

Some freshmen and sophomores who have never experienced high school, are excited to start this school year.

“When the pandemic hit, I was in middle school.  Now coming back but in high school, it’s exciting being in a new environment!” sophomore Kyra Kim By said. 

Lots of students are looking forward to being back in the building. Having face-to-face interaction in a school environment has been exciting. 

“This year is already off to a good start because at least we are back in the building. It’s been [good] so far seeing people in person instead of on zoom,” freshmen Timmy Gaul said. 

Despite the brief hiatus, some people believe that school will pick up where we left off when school abruptly stopped. 

“I’m expecting things to be somewhat the same as it was two years ago, but just everyone wearing masks,” junior Joseph Enright said.

This is reflected in the current school year. Since school and classes are now back in full capacity, school events and activities are becoming more prominent. Teachers are now able to teach classes like they used to and interact more often with students. Not only that, but students are also able to participate in school activities that they missed out on during virtual school.

“I am looking forward to cross country and to just getting more in depth in the classes,” Gaul said. 

For seniors, this year can be counted as a very special year. Having missed a good chunk of high school, many are not going to let their final year go to waste. 

“I am looking forward to having a great senior year! Going to football games, having pep rallies, all the events that we missed out last year,” senior Madeline Chung said. 

However, even though most things are slowly becoming more normal, there’s still fear in the school community about the presence of the virus. 

“I hope that we stay open and covid doesn’t break out,” Chung said. 

The chances of students getting covid are heightened due to packed halls and the introduction of new variants. Although some are vaccinated, the threat still lingers. 

“It’s a bit nerve racking knowing I’m around so many people and we can all still get sick, but taking the right precautions will keep us safe, so I’m okay,” Kim By said.

Nevertheless, this school year has been exciting for all grades and teachers. Getting back to old routines and having some sense of normalcy has helped many overcome the hardships that came with the pandemic.