Me and not-so-mini me: students match their cars


Illustration by Catherine Prado

Students at WJ often match their cars; both in looks and personality. Many students notice these peculiar yet accurate similarities in their friends and family.

When students dream about cars, they usually have a specific picture that comes to mind. A red Mini Cooper, a blue Beetle, a white Jeep or a green Smart car. A common occurrence, whether it be intentional or not, is when students find themselves or their friends not only matching the style of their cars’ exterior, but their personalities as well.

A bubbly and warm personality to match with that blue Beetle. A quiet but serious one to match a black cadillac, not that most high school students can afford one. Even the minivan to match the “mom” friend who always ends up driving everyone everywhere.

“My brother has a 2012 Tiguan… My brother is always prepared for any situation and so is his car. His backpack has an extra pair of clothes while his car trunk can fit a blanket, a couple of pillows, a whole bag of soccer balls and a lot more. The car can fit into any parking space and it’s the same with my brother. Throw him into any situation and he’ll be able to fit in. They are both very adaptable,” freshman Rhea Noumair said.

Students have also noticed this connection between cars and the personalities of their friends and vice versa.

Personality is not the only link students have noticed between themselves and their car. Physical attributes play a role as well.

“It’s [2007 Subaru Impreza] very much a hippie car. It is red and has stripped seat covers. There is something hanging down under the car and you can hear it scrape the street when they turn. Also there are no functioning airbags. Zeke lives on the edge and likes adventure. They take risks and enjoy danger like their car… They also have long, curly, red hair and are kinda just their car,” senior Marissa Krantz said.

Some students are dubbed as the “parent friend”, due to their minivan or SUV, while others are seen as bubbly and bright because of their Volkswagen beetle.

“I think of subarus as dad cars, and Alex reminds me of a dad because he listens to mostly older music, super responsible and overall just a dad vibe in a great way,” junior Hannah Moore said.

These connections, while they may sound like the results of a buzzfeed quiz, may actually hold some truth when you think about them.

“My steering wheel makes squeaky noises that always make others laugh. Her [the car] carpets and seats are browned with years of dust and dirt but she is just as beautiful as she was the first day my mom bought her. We are both very headstrong, my car has been through a lot and so have I but we’ve been able to live our lives. Also the muffler always brings attention to Nellybell and I always want to be center stage when acting,” senior Summer Garcia said.