On February 8 prior to 5th period beginning, a fire alarm went off


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On October 29, 2021, there was a temporary power outage at WJ. Here is a blurb covering the story.

The Pitch would like to share the following blurbs that were not published when they were written.

Fire alarm blurb:
On Feb. 8, prior to 5th period beginning, a fire alarm went off. As per usual, students stumbled out of their rooms in a lackadaisical manner, assuming it was another drill. However, the administration went on the PA speaker and informed the school that this is not a drill and that everyone must exit the building and follow protocols.

Students remained outside until approximately 12:42 p.m., over 25 minutes before they were cleared to go inside. Whether this was due to a system malfunction, a gas leakage, a popcorn fire, or a prank by a student (or a staff member, you never know) remains to be seen. Students have different theories about it.

“I think someone accidentally pushed the fire alarm,” a freshman said.

“Honestly I think someone pulled the fire alarm,” a different freshman said.

WJ’s newspaper, The Pitch, will update this article as soon as more information is collected. Thank you and be safe!

Power outage:
On October 29, 2021, WJ power went off for approximately 10 minutes. WJ made an announcement to students to remain calm and that necessary staff must report to the main office. A generator turned on a few minutes later, causing a few lights in the halls and classrooms to illuminate. Roughly 10 minutes later, full power was restored. An IT worker was seen by multiple students running through the media center, perhaps working to restore power.

The power outage did temporarily disrupt some classes. Some students in gym class were upset that they could not continue to play basketball during class. It was dangerous. Whether this was a Halloween prank or just a coincidence remains a developing story. Either way students and teachers thought it was fun and had a good laugh.

“It was pretty cool I guess,” a WJ student said.

The Pitch will update this blurb as soon as possible if needed.