Pitch to be on season 19 Grey’s Anatomy

Yuval Shachar

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Collage by Yuval Shachar

Grey’s Anatomy releases a tentative vision for what it will look like to have the Pitch included in the upcoming season. The Pitch has not started filming for the show yet.

As of recent, ABC has renewed Grey’s anatomy yet again, making this the 19th season of the never ending show; the hit-show so far has 388 episodes. Due to a shortage of actors who have not appeared on the show yet, the Pitch has been invited to make an appearance on the new season.

Lead actress Ellen Pompeo is very excited to work with this esteemed newspaper.

“I’ve heard so much about this group… I can’t wait to work with such an amazing and talented team,” Pompeo said.

The decision behind this casting was a direct result of the numerous articles written about the show, which caught the producer’s attention.

In a recent poll done by the Pitch which surveyed over 300 students, 93% of voters said they were excited for this season and 39% said they are likely to watch the show knowing that the Pitch would be featured.

Although auditions for specific characters were held on Feb. 29, the roles have not been announced due to some complications. Some think the cast list hasn’t been finalized as a result of a split decision for the role of Louis Rides, a character who is a possible love interest for Pompeo.

Most are expected to be background actors, however, a select few will be cast as characters with lines. Will this be the big debut for some of our budding actors here on Pitch?

When asked the date on which the cast list will be released Shonda Rhimes, one of the main directors, was unavailable for comment. Many speculate that it will be released on April 31.

The episode Pitch will air on is to be determined, and payment is still up in the air. More details will be provided as they arrive.

“There is a possibility that Pitch will come back for season 20, if we get renewed for that as well, depending on reactions from viewers,” actress Chandra Wilson said.