Redemption for Kanye?

Alison Razafimandimby

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Kanye West and Kim Kardashain on their wedding day

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Kanye West and Kim Kardashain on their wedding day

After seven years of marriage, iconic duo Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, have come to an end…or have they? West seems to take anything but his divorce seriously. Despite the fact that her new love interest is in the picture, West will take desperate measures just to win her back.

March 31, West broke his promise to Kardashian and kidnapped her beau, Pete Davidson, at a rehearsal for Sunday Service. Being the creative genius that he is, he offered to meet up with Davidson one on one but wound up having security bombard the comedian.

“There was no harm involved. Kanye just wanted to make sure that when he met up with Pete, there was no camera on him or anything. I know it seems ironic considering his posts on social media but he really wanted to make sure that whatever was said in the room would stay in that room,” an anonymous source said.

Other sources have confirmed that Davidson was able to get home safe after West confronted him but this will not be the end of their battle for Kardashian.

Family members of the Kardashian family have even shown their support for West through subtle fashion statements. ON March 21,, Khloe Kardashian was spotted in public wearing a pair of Yeezys despite the ongoing divorce.

“I feel like it’s similar to Kylie Jenner hinting her pregnancy with Stormi. Everyone knows Khloe has hundreds of pairs of shoes but she chose to wear Ye’s. These little details have a big meaning. There’s no way this was by accident,” junior Molly Scanlon said.

Khloe Kardashian is known for always putting family first. This would explain the countless amount of times she went back to her cheating boyfriend Tristan Thompson. Close sources have stated that although she’s concerned for West and his mental health, she’s just as concerned when it comes to the kids and how they’ll see their father. She’s very big on giving people second chances.

Keeping her children safe, Kim Kardashian is currently staying at a different residence. Rumor has it that she is waiting for West at their ranch so that they can make up and resolve the tension between them. Close sources have confirmed that although it seems like her relationship with Davidson has become serious, she is still willing to give West another chance. Who knows what will happen between the former couple? Maybe West will win Kardashian back or maybe this is Kim’s way of finalizing her decision to move on.

Other than that, this “kidnapping” event would take concerns to a different level if this were real.