School administration revoke open lunch privileges, effective immediately

Aya Hesham

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Photo courtesy of Rania Hesham

Students reminisce over the last day of open lunch just days before the school administration made the decision to take away the privilige.

Earlier today, the administration at WJ had made the controversial decision to end open lunch due to students being irresponsible and awful community members.

After years of complaints from the surrounding community that includes Giant, Chipotle, Flippin’ Pizza, etc, Principal Jennifer Baker took it upon herself to revoke the privilege of open lunch in hopes of saving the school’s reputation.

“To be fair, I don’t blame the administration for taking away the privilege of open lunch. The students from your school come in and start yelling in the middle of Flippin’ and have zero respect for the people who work here and the other customers. It’s like they don’t know how to act,” an employee from Flippin’ Pizza said.

After sending out multiple emails and warnings to students, a small group of students ruined the privilege for the rest so now WJ students must stay inside during their lunch break, they are not allowed to eat outside because they might escape.

Security will also be guarding the school perimeter at all times to ensure that students remain indoors for lunch.

“After many warnings were given, it is our job to make sure that no student leaves the school property during lunch due to constant complaints from the community,” an anonymous security guard said.

While many students are revolted by this decision, others can see where administration is coming from.

“To be honest, I can see where the administration is coming from when they made their decision. Some people are the worst when it comes to going to G-square and Wildwood during lunch, they embarrass the entire WJ community,” an anonymous student said.