Meet WJ’s fashion club


Photo by Eugene Borissow

From left to right, Riddhi Sadhanala, Marissa Campos, and Mwape Sokoni show off a collection from American Eagle. They enjoyed picking pieces that really spoke to their style. “Their selection was great; I can’t wait to do it again,” Campos said.

Every Wednesday, the fashion club gets together to talk about fashion trends, review stores they have enjoyed shopping at and recommend creative outfit combinations to one another. The fashion club consists of a very welcoming and diverse group of students who get together to talk about what they all commonly enjoy: fashion.

Freshman club president Marisa Campos created the fashion club this year. She wanted to find a creative outlet and spread her experience on the topic of fashion. After taking and participating in a fashion course at the Fashion Institute of Technology over the summer, Campos thought it would be a fun idea to educate her friends about the interesting things she learned the summer before.

The fashion club is an inclusive environment that has formed strong bonds between members with leadership positions and club members.

“Everyone there is so kind, creative and supportive,” junior Carrington Hysmith said.

American Eagle, a clothing brand that mostly appeals to teenagers, is located at Montgomery Mall. They’re known best for their color and selection of jeans; mom jeans, bell-bottom jeans, boyfriend jeans, wide-leg jeans, skinny jeans, etc–they have it all. Along with jeans, they sell sweaters, socks, t-shirts, leggings, hoodies and so much more.

“I was just in the store shopping [at American Eagle] for our group photo for the club. I approached a woman who I thought was the sales associate, but she was actually the store manager. I talked to her about our club at school. The manager got really excited and told us that we should form an alliance between the store and the club,” Campos said.

At the decided time and date, the club joined American Eagle to try on clothes and personalize their styles using American Eagle clothes. They took pictures for their club with the help of their club photographer, freshman Eugene Borissow.

“The American Eagle collaboration was a nice refresher from working indoors with sketches. It took us into a different aspect of fashion; the retail world and even modeling,” freshman club treasurer Riddhi Sadhanala said.

The club agreed that this was a very special experience they won’t be forgetting for a long time; these were the first few steps to an exciting future with so much potential.

“The whole group was having such a good time; I’m so excited for more opportunities like this in the future. Maybe even with different brands,” Campos said.

Members were excited to discover what they really enjoy about fashion through this exciting opportunity.

“I love our partnership with AE. We were able to express our individual styles through our outfits,” Hysmith said.

Many members agree that Fashion Club holds a special place in their lives; people with a loving interest in fashion can get together to forget about external factors like schoolwork and extracurriculars, and join to work with others who enjoy fashion just as much.

“[My favorite part is] the freedom to think and express ourselves in our works and get to meet such like-minded, talented people,” Sadhanala said.

With three more years of running and managing the fashion club, Campos is ecstatic to see what else is in stock for the club and the incredible members. Check out their Instagram handle for more information about joining and participating in the stylish group.