2016-2017 SGA officers bring new segments to fall pep rally


Sierra Zielske, Staff Writer

On September 10, the SGA kicked off the new school year with a thrilling fall pep rally. Fall sports teams organized elaborate spirits ranging from Shrek to Jamaican themes and they encouraged everyone to come out to their games.

SGA officers tossed giant beach balls in the crowd and students eagerly passed them around. The Poms dance team performed an upbeat and entertaining routine that got the crowd on their feet. The girls varsity cheerleaders stunted with the little freshmen. It was one for the books.
The beginning of the season pep rallies are always an event to which to look forward. Many students enjoy the pep rallies for different reasons.

“[I look forward to the pep rallies each season because they] celebrate the different interests of our high school,” senior Fernanda Yepez Lopez said.

Others feel that the pep rallies are a great way to pump up the student section for the upcoming fall sports season, especially for the football games.

“Pep rallies are a great way to encourage pride in our school,” sophomore Elshadie Leul said.
While the pep rallies certainly bring laughter, high-octane stunts and colorful costumes to the forefront of the WJ scene, there are definitely certain things that could be improved upon, or brought into the pep rally altogether.

“Games, snacks and more performances should be added to the fall pep rally,” sophomore Leul said.
Certain components of the pep rallies are exclusive to one or two seasons. Teams such as step, female poms, male poms, just to name a few.

“I [love] the male poms and I wish they could perform in all of the pep rallies instead of just the spring pep rally,” senior Gabbi Jones said.

The motivation of having a fall pep rally is different in everyone’s eyes. Some see it as a way to show the school what their team is all about, others look forward to it for the Poms’ crazy jumps and spins, and others prefer just to see their school’s community at work.

“I think it’s to celebrate the different interests in our high school” senior Lopez said.
At WJ, one can find basketball players, scientists, artists and more. The thousands of students within the school create a diverse, technicolor scene. With two pep rallies to come, and details by the dozen to organize and present, the SGA and school sports teams are definitely just getting started.