Victimizer or Victim of April Fools?


Photo courtesy of Flicker

The first of April is a day that most dread, but some look forward to.

The month of April is seen as the introduction to spring. The flowers are blooming, the birds are singing and the sun is shining. Everything seems to be up to bar to a beautiful month, or so it seems. Storm clouds begin to roll in as the mere mention of the say sends chills down the spine of every person who is unfortunate enough to become its victim; the first of April, or notoriously known as, April Fools Day. For one day out of the year, there are no holds barred. However, some revile on this nefarious day. There seems to be two sides: victims and victimizers.

It would appear that no one is safe. The general consensus is that everyone has been the butt of at least one bad prank. Love is no exception.

“I had a girlfriend at the time [quarantine], and she texted me things were over. It was pretty bad; I really thought she was serious,” junior Pablo Foley said.

Ouch, pranks hit a little harder when they are closer to the heart. What can make a prank so memorable is how personal they feel, almost targeted to certain emotions that can trigger a laugh, anger or even tears. Take sophomore Emma Lindsey for example.

“Once in elementary school, my mom wrote an email and told me and my brothers it was from the principal and that summer was canceled,” Lindsey said.

She continues by saying it left her and her brothers crying for hours because they genuinely thought it was true. There is no safe haven from parents.

Freshman Ella Hoban was also a victim of parent pranks, as she was tricked into standing outside the bus stop for school at 7AM… on a saturday. There are no limits as other students (who chose to remain anonymous) have pranked each other with silly string, fake jelly beans, taser gum, you name it! One specific student, who chose to remain anonymous, had it out for their teacher.

“Basically I went in early to her class, and I got this black tape that I put on the bottom of her mouse. She couldn’t teach for the whole day,” anonymous said.

Who would’ve known that one day in 365 could bring out the inner deviant in people? This is no purge, but a sure reminder to look over your shoulder come April first. From teachers, to parents, to students, April Fools Day truly is an all-out war.