Bake with Kindness organizes bake sales to help people in need


Photo courtesy of Bake with Kindness Club

Members share and enjoy brownies at a Bake with Kindness meeting. The club aims to give back to the community through baking together.

It’s not every day that you see high school students giving away baked goods to support the community and help people in need, but that’s what the Bake with Kindness club is doing.

The Bake with Kindness club, which meets every Tuesday in room 257, is looking for new members to help host fundraisers, such as football game bake sales, and bake goods for charities.

This year, Bake with Kindness plans to host several bake sales to raise money for charity. One bake sale they hosted was a Halloween-themed bake sale during the Homecoming football game on Oct. 28, where the club sold Halloween-themed baked goods.

The club is also looking for new members with a love of baking to participate in future bake sales. Members can help with the bake sales by baking goods, setting up, cleaning up or selling goods during the bake sale. Members can also earn SSL hours for baking and helping out with events.

In addition to bake sales, Bake with Kindness wants to collaborate with more charity organizations to provide baked goods to the homeless, first responders and more. Currently, the club works with the Stepping Stones Shelter, a homeless shelter, the Kensington Volunteer Fire Department and the Bethesda-Chevy Chase Rescue Squad. However, the club is looking for more organizations to donate baked goods.

“It’s only right that we [Bake with Kindness] give back to make them [service members] feel like they’re needed,” club president senior Beka Dychtwald said.

Last year, Bake with Kindness focused on members baking at their homes individually. This year, the club wants to try something new and do more group baking activities outside of school in order to build the club’s community.

“I would feel very grateful to experience baking with other people, as although baking by myself at home was fun, doing it with other people brings another feeling that is indescribable. If it does happen, I would hope that many people do come and [that] we would have a good time,” junior Matthew Martinez said.