Photo courtesy of Amanda Garzon

Ellie Montemayor, Senior A&E Editor

Next year: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Activities: Science Olympiad (President), SMOB Advisory Cabinet (Video Editor), NASA MINDS (Principal Investigator), The MoCo Student (MoCo News Writer), MIT URTC (Co-Chair); Hobbies: Research, Working, Layout & Design, Music/Guitar

Favorite Pitch memory: Dying inside at 3 AM working on spreads. I have. Senioritis. No full; sentences.

Quote: “I wanna be the Yoko Ono of scientific research.”

Fun fact: I’m four days younger than Sourish Dey. On that note, I’m the youngest person graduating from Montgomery College as part of the Class of 2022.

Craziest High school memory: Getting published and getting into MIT, both at 16 <3

Favorite thing about WJ: My cool cat teachers



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