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Founded in 2009, The Pitch Online is Walter Johnson High School’s digital newspaper. In order to keep up with new media trends, the originally print-only newspaper The Pitch went online while still producing its monthly, award-winning print newspaper. After a year of working with barely any web design help, the editors wanted the appearance of the site to match the high quality of its content. So, The Pitch Online partnered with School Newspapers Online, a Minnesota-based company focused on the web design of specifically online high school newspapers, and launched a completely new website for the 2010-2011 school year. The Pitch Online is now capable of having photo galleries, videos, audio, a sports ticker and other eye-catching graphics.

As we are still adapting to our new site and trying to attract readers, we would appreciate any reader input for The Pitch Online. Co-online Editors-in-Chief Trevor Kanter, Ian Rees, and Jessica Silverman are always open to your feedback, so please e-mail [email protected] with questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns.

2018-2019 Staff

Editor in Chief: Sam Falb

Print Editors-in-Chief: Sophie Becker, Julia Eisen, Sam Koskie

Online Editors-in-Chief: Trevor Kanter, Ian Rees, Jessica Silverman

Managing Editors: Courtney Cohn, Allison Nadelman

Online Managing/Multimedia Editor: Matt Garfinkel

News Editors: Erin Jacobs, Lindsey Rothenstein, Beatriz Olivares, Will Cohen

Senior Feature/A&E Editor: Cara Demitz

Feature Editors: Julia Hananel, Kiley Ring, Jane Fleischman

Arts & Entertainment Editors: Molly Benson, Sarah Epstein

Sports Editors: Ned Storer, Michael Bedard, Elijah Kasten, Zach Meyers

Opinion Editors: Thomas Wolfson, Danielle Limonchik, Daria London

Cartoonist: Bradley Woodside

Copy Editor: Ethan Schwager

Social Media & Marketing Coordinators: Charley Becker, Izzy Zavareei

Photography Editors: Charley Becker, Hannah Markov

Business Managers: Noah Katcher, Ben Files

Webmaster: Koby Epstein

Social News Gathering Ethics Code

As a reliable and accurate news source, we strive to:

-Present news properly, honestly and fairly.

-Approach every assignment with the fairness of open minds and without prior judgment.

-Verify the authenticity of content before publishing or distributing it.

-Be transparent with the audience about the accuracy of our content.

-Seek informed consent before using information from the individual who created it.

-Give due credit to the owner of the content provided.

-Minimize the number of errors we make and correct those that occur.

-Consider technical measures to ensure anonymity of sources when required.

For corrections, please email [email protected]

Comment Policy

Readers are welcome to comment. We reserve the right to moderate, delete, or edit comment threads as we see fit. Comments are monitored and spam comments will be deleted. Attacks on other commenters or Pitch staff members will not be tolerated. The opinions presented on this website do not represent the opinions of the WJ student body as a whole. 

Byline Policy

Any significant contributions by a Pitch staff member or editor will be credited in a byline or a tagline by the story. If multiple staff members contribute to a piece, their names will be notated by the story.

Correction Policy

Clarifications and corrections should be clear, concise and direct. They must be comprehensible to anyone who reads them, including readers who may have missed the story that is being corrected. Anyone reading the correction should be able to understand how and why the mistake has been corrected.

Awards (Print)

Columbia Scholastic Press Association

Gold Medalist

2009, 2013, 2016, 2017

Columbia Scholastic Press Association

Silver Medalist

2014, 2015, 2018

Columbia Scholastic

Bronze Medalist


American Scholastic Press Association

First Place


Columbia Scholastic Press Association Marylander Award

Newspaper Division C


Columbia Scholastic Press Association Silver Crown



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