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How have you adapted to online school emotionally, mentally, and/or physically?
"I have taken an attitude of "It is what it is." I do vent every now and again because I do want to be in the building. I know that things will eventually return to normal - whatever that means."
The teacher's return to school
Jona Jancewicz, Staff Writer • May 12, 2021

Over the past year, the spotlight has shifted on how students are struggling to learn because of the pandemic. But, not many have thought about how hard it is for teachers...

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Many students are already attending school in person. However, many were unsure and opted to stay home and remain virtual.
Students deciding to stay virtual rather than returning in-person
Yuval Shachar, Layout Editor and Business Manager • May 11, 2021

Return to in person has already started for all of the grades; however, some students have decided to stay online, for various reasons. It is impossible to completely eliminate...

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Shervin Pishevar
MCPS SMOBs where are they now?
Caeden Babcock, Senior News Editor • May 5, 2021

The position of Student Member of the Board (SMOB) is a highly coveted position in Montgomery County. With full voting rights, the position of SMOB is quite significant. All...

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With seniors reuniting for the first time this year at the annual senior shed painting event, the senior party will be one of the last events where seniors will be reunited.
Preview: Aloha WJ seniors
Aya Hesham, Online News Editor • May 14, 2021

WJ seniors will be gathering for the Senior Class Party, Aloha WJ Seniors, at High Point Farms. The event will take place on May 15 from 12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m., with the...

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Creativity amid uncertainty: Ronnie Ward
Stella Hadamer, Senior Feature Editor • May 6, 2021

In this edition of “Creativity amid uncertainty” our featured artist is senior Ronnie Ward. Ward is a poet specializing in narrative poetry, drawing inspiration from the...

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Hallway Pass Episode 7: Seniors after high school
Hallway Pass Episode 7: Seniors after high school
Samar Jahanbin, Podcast/Video Editor • May 6, 2021

As graduation approaches, seniors begin a new journey into adulthood and into college. Olivia Zaid joins the podcast to discuss how senior year has been a year of online education...

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Check out our student blogs!
Check out our student blogs!
WJPITCH May 7, 2021

Cooking/Baking Blogs: Ruby’s Kitchen Baking the Alphabet Jo & Julia Travel Blogs: Summer’s Adventures Lifestyle Blogs: Catch Up With Alexandra Keys to Katie Entertainment...

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Now that they
Now that they're gone
Emily Speranza, Online Editor-in-Chief • May 6, 2021

It's taken me months to write this story. At first I came to the conclusion that it didn't matter, that my feelings were obsolete. But then it happened again, and, as of March...

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Episode 1: Out of the Box
Episode 1: Out of the Box
Meron Berhe, Staff Writer • April 22, 2021

This is the first episode of WJ's newest podcast series, Out of the Box. In this episode, we meet our panel by way of a candid conversation of who influences and inspires...

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Junior Lucas Boiteux catches 67 yard touchdown throw from fellow junior Will Gardner against BCC. This was one of the game-changing plays that helped lead WJ to their 26-6 victory over their rival.
WJ Football: A season in retrospect
Bode Ramsay, Staff Writer • May 14, 2021

The sound of cowbells buzzed through the air once again as the WJ home crowd gathered to cheer on the football team on their senior night against rival BCC. Despite the heavy...

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Sophomore Nick Avillo slides in for a tackle and regains possession for the Wildcats.
Boys varsity soccer finishes season strong and looks toward future
Jackson Buss, Online Sports Editor • May 14, 2021

The Walter Johnson boys varsity soccer team ended the season strongly with three straight wins and look ahead to their bright future. After a solid performance in an unconventional...

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The team lines up in preparation for their race. Alex Scott (far left) and Adam Morad (far right) have been stand outs this season, consistently performing well in their meets.
Cross country in strong form despite irregular season
Ben Files, Online Managing Editor • May 12, 2021

Spring sports are underway and for the first time in a long time, many WJ athletes are getting a sense of normalcy. Back into their routines, athletes have been training and...

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Quo Vadis Aida has been nominated for an Oscar for Best International Feature Film.
Quo Vadis Aida - Oscar nominated movie review
Danis Cammett, Print News Editor • April 26, 2021

*Disclaimer* Before you begin to read my article I would like for you to understand that I have a bias when it comes to the topic of the War in Bosnia. I am a Bosniak, members...

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The new Netlix film The Dig follows the archeological efforts to uncover the Anglo Saxon burial mounds at Sutton Hoo. Pictured is one of the most significant discoveries of the site, an Anglo Saxon King
The Dig takes a few too many creative liberties with history
Chelsea Laurik, Print Feature Editor • April 19, 2021

“The Dig” right off the bat, seemed to check all my boxes for an enjoyable viewing experience. A period piece set on an archaeological dig with an Indiana-Jones-but-drearier...

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The classic 1994 film The Shawshank Redemption stars Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman. The film follows two imprisoned men over their sentences.
Are your parent's movie suggestions worth your time?
Julia Garms, Special to The Pitch • April 14, 2021

What your parents call “classic” movies should all be considered in your free time. They’re referred to as “classic” for a reason, but those movies may differ from...

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