The Pitch

2018-2019 Staff

Sarah Epstein

A&E Editor

This is Sarah Epstein’s first year as an A&E editor for The Pitch Online. She is very excited to be a part of such a creative and hardworking team. In addition to The Pitch, Sarah is captain of the WJ Poms team and loves t...

Molly Benson

A&E Editor

Molly Benson is a junior at WJ. She is excited to be an Arts and Entertainment editor for her first year on The Pitch. Besides writing, Molly loves being a part of WJ’s Swim and Dive team. This is her third year being under t...

Cara Demitz

A&E Editor

Cara Demitz is a junior and an Arts and Entertainment print editor.  She plays volleyball for WJ as well as a club team. In her second year on The Pitch she is excited for another year of fun and hard work making pages and writ...

Ben Files

Business Manager

My name is Ben Files, and I am a sophomore, with this being my first year on The Pitch. I enjoy playing sports, hanging out with friends and family and playing video games with my friends. I am a business manager, and along w...

Noah Katcher

Business Manager

Senior Noah Katcher is extremely excited to join The Pitch as a Business Manager this year. Noah took Journalism 1 last year and is excited to be part of such an amazing group of writers. Noah loves business and took a business cl...

Bradley Woodside


Bradley is in charge of drawing and illustrating pictures for the Pitch’s many staff writers and their stories by demand. He creates monthly cartoons for the Pitch print, as well as frequent Cartoons and editorial illustrations for...

Ethan Schwager

Copy Editor

Ethan Schwager is a junior and the copy editor for The Pitch during the 2018-19 school year. He has written for the Pitch for three years with two years of being on staff. Ethan is also a swimmer for WJ and his club RMSC an...

Sam Falb

Editor in Chief

This is Sam’s third year on The Pitch. He took the Journalism course during freshman year and was hooked - last year he served as the online news editor. Aside from The Pitch, Sam is the Vice President of the Environmental C...

Kiley Ring

Feature Editor

Kiley Ring is a junior this year at WJ. She took Journalism 1 last year and is excited to be working on The Pitch as a Feature Editor this year. In her free time, she loves baking and hanging out with her friends. She is lookin...

Jane Fleischman

Feature Editor, Illustrator

Jane Fleischman is a sophomore at WJ.  She is excited to enter her first year on the Pitch as a Feature Editor.  She also works on the Pitch as an illustrator.

Allie Nadelman

Managing Editor

Junior Allie Nadelman is a Managing Editor for the 2018-2019 Pitch. Allie took Journalism 1 two years ago, loved it and is excited to work again with The Pitch this year. She is on the Debate Team and the Vice President of the R...

Courtney Cohn

Managing Editor

Junior Courtney Cohn is very excited for her second year on The Pitch this year as a Managing Editor. She has always loved writing and really enjoyed taking journalism 1 two years ago. She loves following sports, especially th...

Lindsey Rothenstein

News Editor

This is Lindsey Rothenstein’s first year on The Pitch. Besides being a news editor, Lindsey is a member of the Poms team and involved in many clubs and activities. She enjoys writing and listening to music....

Will Cohen

News Editor

Will Cohen is a junior at WJ in his first year with The Pitch. He is the online news editor and is thrilled to have the opportunity to cover news inside and outside of the WJ community. In his free time, he enjoys playing basebal...

Erin Jacobs

News Editor

Senior Erin Jacobs is excited to work as the News editor for this year’s paper and this is her first year on the Pitch Staff. She is also on the softball team and encourages you to take Journalism so you can write for The Pitch ...

Jessica Silverman

Online Editor in Chief

Senior Jessica Silverman is so excited to be an Online Editor-in-Chief this year! This is her second year on The Pitch and she’s really happy to help contribute to The Pitch once again! Jessica is also on the Debate Team and ...

Ian Rees

Online Editor in Chief

This is Ian’s second year on the Pitch, and he’s excited to work as an Online Editor-in-Chief. Outside the Pitch, you’ll see Ian hanging out with his friends, dabbling with baseball and bringing the juice at WJ sports events....

Trevor Kanter

Online Editor in Chief

This is Senior Trevor Kanter’s third and final year as a staff member of The Pitch. This year, Trevor is working as an Online Editor in Chief. Trevor is also a member of the Leadership class and helps to plan school events. In...

Matt Garfinkel

Online/Multimedia Managing Editor

Matt Garfinkel is excited to return to The Pitch as the Online/Multimedia Managing Editor. He is also President of the Jewish Student Union, Treasurer of National Honor Society and Officer of Television Production Club....

Matt Shea

Opinion Editor

Junior Matthew Shea is an opinion editor in his first year writing for The Pitch. He enjoys following sports, hanging with friends and is excited to be on The Pitch staff!

Danielle Limonchik

Opinion Editor

Danielle Limonchik is a Senior at WJ. She’s super thrilled to be spending her last year in high school working on The Pitch. She works as an opinion editor, which is great for her because ranting is her passion. In her free tim...

Daria London

Opinion Editor

This is Junior Daria London’s second year on The Pitch. She is excited to be working as online opinion editor. Besides writing, Daria plays tennis for WJ. She aspires to have a career that involves writing....

Hannah Markov

Photography Editor

Sophomore Hannah Markov is in her first year with The Pitch. When she isn’t working as a photography editor, Hannah enjoys participating in musical theatre at Strathmore, playing piano and guitar, and hanging out with her friend...

Julia Eisen

Print Editor in Chief

Julia Eisen is a senior at WJ. She took the journalism class on a whim two years ago and instantly fell in love. She worked as a Feature Editor last year and this year she will be working as a Print Editor-in-Chief. Her time on Th...

Sophie Becker

Print Editor in Chief

Sophie Becker has been working on The Pitch since sophomore year and loving every second of it! When she is not dancing on the football field for halftime with WJ or racing around Bethesda to hang out with her friends, Sophie pl...

Sam Koskie

Print Editor in Chief

Julia Hananel

Print Feature Editor

This is Julia’s first year on The Pitch and currently is the print features editor. In addition to writing for The Pitch, she plays field hockey for WJ, is part of the jazz ensemble and the orchestra. In her free time, Julia loves t...

Beatriz Olivares

Print News Editor

Beatriz Olivares is a senior at WJ. She took the Journalism class on a whim during sophomore year and became completely hooked. After being an assistant copy-editor, she’s excited to be a Print News Editor for her second and ...

Thomas Wolfson

Print Opinion Editor

Thomas Wolfson is currently a junior at WJ.  This is his second year on The Pitch. Last year, he served as a print sports editor.  This year, he’s looking forward to his new role as print opinion editor. In addition to being on...

Charley Becker

Social Media and Marketing coordinating

Sophomore Charley becker is so excited to be a co social media and marketing coordinator for the pitch for this year! This will be her first year on the pitch staff, and when she's not doing pitch she’s also a member of the Va...

Izzy Zavareei

Social Media Manager/ Staff Writer

Izzy regulates the various social media accounts, keeping the followers informed and eager for new Pitch content. Izzy also works as a staff writer for Arts and Entertainment.

Michael Bedard

Sports Editor

Michael Bedard is a Print Sports Editor in his first year with the Pitch. Michael enjoys writing, and feels great about this year's edition of the Pitch. Outside of working for his school newspaper, Michael really enjoys frequent ...

Ned Storer

Sports Editor

Ned Storer is a senior at WJ. He’s a sports editor in his first year writing on the Pitch, and plays basketball in his free time. He’s also the Vice President of WJ’s golf club and is very excited to contribute to the Pi...

Zachary Meyers

Sports Editor

Zachary Meyers is a first year online sports editor for The Pitch. He plays for the WJ golf team, and likes to follow all sports. He hopes to have a great tenure on The Pitch.

Elijah Kasten

Sports Editor

Elijah Kasten is currently a sophomore at WJ. This is his first year working for The Pitch as a Sports Editor. Elijah is a passionate sports fan who plays baseball for WJ. He is looking forward to working for The Pitch this y...

Ethan Oyeniyi

Staff Writer

My name is Ethan Oyeniyi, and I am new to the pitch. I am also currently withholding the position of a staff writer.

Rafael Friedlander

Staff Writer

Rafael Friedlander is a sophomore excited to be working on the Pitch for the first time. In his free time, he enjoys watching the Astros play, singing, and biking. He also runs a photography website (and sometimes blog) called The...

Yoni Mesfein

Staff Writer

Yoni Mesfein is a senior at WJ, He just joined the Pitch family as a staff writer and is very excited to learn! He knows how to have a good time and likes to show that in his writing. He is quite the intellectual so reading his...

John Leonardo

Staff Writer

John Leonardo is currently a senior in his first year with the Pitch.  After taking Journalism during his Junior year, he is prepared and excited to write for the school newspaper. Besides working as a staff writer, John enjoys ...

Patrick Markey

Staff Writer

My name is Patrick Markey, I am a senior at Walter Johnson, and this is my first year on the Pitch. My interests include writing, taking photographs, watching and making films, playing football, and playing basketball. I play ...

Allie Rothman

Staff Writer

Junior Allie Rothman is excited for her first year as a staff writer on the Pitch. Other than writing and interviewing, she enjoys lacrosse and telling Allie Nadelman how amazing she is...You should definitely talk to her, she’s...

Natinael Tilahun

Staff Writer

My name is Natinael Tilahun, I’m a senior at Walter Johnson high school. I’m part of an organization called Operation Understanding Dc who fight racism and antisemitism. I’m also the Vice President Of Social coach where...

Sean Lynch

Staff Writer

This is Sean's first year on the pitch and he is a staff writer for online. He is a senior this year and in his free time he enjoys playing basketball, and hanging out with friends. He enjoys writing in school and sometimes reading...

Siddharth Srinivasan

Staff Writer

Siddharth Srinivasan is on his first year as a staff writer for the pitch. He is an avid soccer fan and a keen supporter of all Houston sports teams. He is a keen reader (especially of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fi...

Lydia FitzPatrick

Staff Writer

Lydia FitzPatrick is a senior at WJ and this is her first year as a staff writer in the Pitch. She is very excited to join the Pitch family and make it a great year full of unique stories. She spends her free time as being captain ...

Bennett Wright

Staff Writer

Bennett Wright is a senior at Walter Johnson who is very interested in music and just exploring the way the world works and how it can be changed for the better. This is his first year in The Pitch as a staff writer and he is exc...

Austin Mucchetti

Staff Writer

Junior Austin Mucchetti is entering his first year writing for the Pitch. He hopes to replicate the the legacy left behind by legendary former Staff Writer Isaac Snow.  

Benicio Balignot

Staff Writer

This is Benicio’s first year on the Pitch. In his free time, he enjoys creating digital art, listening to music, reading and writing, and playing video games. In addition to being in both Madrigals and Red Velvet, he also does Ta...

Amit Hanadari-Levy

Staff Writer

This is senior Amit Hanadari-Levy’s first year working as a staff writer for the Pitch.  She is the president of the WJ She’s the First chapter and Feminism club. Outside of school, she is a competitive fencer and also e...

Lilli Konicoff

Staff Writer

Lilli Konicoff is a Senior at WJ, and is a second year staff writer who is very excited to continue in The Pitch family. She is the president of the Random Acts of Kindness club at WJ, and in her free time she enjoys spending t...

Koby Epstein


Koby Epstein is a sophomore at Walter Johnson High School. On tuesdays and sundays he coaches basketball for a private league here in the DMV. He also plays basketball for a recreational team and a private team. HIs position on...

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