• Feature
    WJ Poms Wrap Up

    As the winter sports season comes to a close, the WJ Pompons squad holds a positive attitude towards the future. This year could be considered a rebuilding year for the Pompons, as this year’s team saw an influx of many new team members, following the last academic year when the team lost...

  • Feature
    S*T*A*G*E Q&A Les Mis

    Les Miserables is WJ S*T*A*G*E’s spring production, which opens on April 20 and will  show on April 21, 27 and 28. The play follows the life of Jean Valjean, who has recently been released from prison, and is on a quest to find God. Valjean makes a promise to a dying character that he will...

  • Arts & Entertainment
    Onto the Big Screen: Famous Books into Infamous Movies

    The big screen is filled with a slew of adaptations. From the end of the Harry Potter legacy to the beginning of The Hunger Games, movie theaters are a hangout spot not just for teens looking for a time-killer, but also for many hit book series. Unfortunately, some fans of amazing book series have...

  • Sports News
    Rolling Start: Bocce Ball Team Has Success Offering Athletic Opportunity for Disabled Students

    This winter season, WJ’s most successful team in terms of record is not one of the basketball...

  • Arts & Entertainment
    Travesty at the Oscars: A Personal Reflection on the Career of Peter O’Toole

    The Academy Awards are the crowning jewel of  the awards season, a gathering of talent and popularity that selects the cream of the crop from the diverse world of cinema. But, like any institution, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS)  is fallible, and can make grievous errors in judgement....

  • Feature
    From Coast to Coast: WJ Grads Weigh-In on College Life

    While high school is just a taste of freedom, college provides the first true opportunity for students...

  • Indoor Track
    Indoor Track: End of Season Update

    The indoor track team had a long winter season of sprinting, hurdling and long distance running, but as of Tues. Feb. 21, the date of the State Championship, their season has reached an end. Indoor track’s first official meet was on Dec. 13 and since then, they powered their way through meets, making the top 10...

  • Opinion
    The Bullpen: Namaste, WJ

    According to Time magazine, San Francisco has opened America’s first airport yoga room. That’s correct, a room...

  • Arts & Entertainment
    Print Pitch Feb. 24 Sudoku Answers

    Here are the answers to the Sudoku on page 15 in the Feb. 24 Print Issue of...

  • Feature
    Catch-Up with Dr. Garran: Video Interview

    Last year, the WJ community was devastated to see beloved principal, leader and friend Christopher Garran step...

  • Feature
    WJ’s Rival Mock Trial Teams Compete

    UPDATE: The annual Miller vs. Schwartz trial took place on Tues. Feb. 21 at the Montgomery County Circuit Courthouse. Miller’s team prevailed by three points, giving Miller’s Mock Trial team a record of 2-2 for this season. They may be selected for the playoffs through a lottery system, though not all teams...

  • News
    SOPA and PIPA: A Brief Explanation

    It’s been viewed as a showdown between Hollywood and Silicon Valley, as leaders in the film and television industry face off against Internet giants. The issue: two bills in Congress, the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) in the House of Representatives and the Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA, or Protect IP Act) in the...

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