• Opinion
    Why Racism is Still an Issue in 2012

    In a performance I saw last week of a local musical theater conservatory, which has programs for about 100 teens in Montgomery County, only one of them, a 10-year-old girl, was not white. In the last movie I saw, the black actors were in roles of specifically black characters, written with their race...

  • Feature
    The Road to a Black Belt: Student Profiles

    Ian Smith According to dictionary.com, martial arts is any of the traditional forms of self-defense or combat that uses a person’s skill and coordination without the use of weapons. Examples are Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Aikido, Judo or Kung Fu, which are often practiced as sport.  To junior Ian Smith, though, martial arts is much more...

  • Opinion
    Student Activism in the 21st Century

    Those dreaded water jugs. You know them — the ones that your fellow classmates shake in your face in the hallways and during lunch, attempting to extract those few pennies you had leftover from your Chipotle burrito. We all hate them, but at the same time, those water jugs are necessary. Ever...

  • Arts & Entertainment
    Artist Spotlight: Danish Director Nicolas Winding Refn

    Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn has been the best kept secret in the movie business, until now. He made it to the majors last year with his big budget neo-noir film Drive, which starred Ryan Gosling and featured established Hollywood names like Carey Mulligan, Bryan Cranston and Ron Pearlman. Before that, he...

  • Opinion
    Response to Accusations Against Invisible Children

    Over the past two weeks, the issue of children soldiers in Uganda has been put to light by the release of a 30 minute video by members of the organization Invisible Children. Invisible Children is a non-government, private organization that has pledged to stop the violence committed against thousands of African children by a man named Joseph...

  • Opinion
    Up-at-Bat: Breakfast Choices

    We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, when first period starts at 7:25 a.m., breakfast can be a rare occurence in a high school student’s morning routine. Whether it’s a waffle, a bag of your favorite cereal or a yogurt, breakfast can be extremely beneficial...

  • Boys' Volleyball
    Fairall Takes Over as Boys Volleyball Coach

    After five years, it seemed as if Brian Fairall and Bill Morris would never again be coaching together despite a strong working relationship. Morris and Fairall built a solid rapport running the WJ basketball program together, Morris as varsity coach and Fairall as JV coach, until Morris stopped coaching last year. Morris was...

  • Feature
    Behind the Scenes of “The Daily Lineup”

    *This article has been corrected since published. Broadcasting live to students every morning during second period, “The Daily Lineup” is a part of the WJ community. Although many students perceive the daily dose of broadcasted announcements as nothing more than school news, to the cast and crew of the show, there is much...

  • Feature
    Badminton at WJ: More Than Just a Game

    The Badminton Club has come a long way since its establishment in 2008 by alum Eva Morgun, now a freshman at University of Maryland, College Park (UMCP). During the first few years, the club only held competitions within WJ and with Montgomery Blair High School. But last fall, they held the first...

  • News
    Top AIDS Researcher Speaks to WJ Students

    In the early 1980s, HIV/AIDS had just been recognized as a disease. The general public thought that HIV...

  • Feature
    WJ Science Olympiad Makes a Stride Towards States

    Although WJ has many academic teams and clubs, there is none like Science Olympiad. Led by their...

  • Opinion
    Up-at-Bat: Kony 2012

    The staggering power of the Internet was once again highlighted this month with the release of Invisible Children’s 30 minute video about its campaign to make Joseph Kony, the most wanted international war criminal, famous. The explosion of activism over social media networks, like Facebook and Twitter, in the last month brought...

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