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One activity that people do during the pandemic is online shopping. Receiving packages from the shops can be a factor of excitement to some, as it gives them something to look forward to.

How a whole year of covid has brought on a new excitement of mail

March 15, 2021

The introduction of the Coronavirus dramatically changed how we approach events that we used to not think twice about. People were expected to adapt to changes that are drastically different from what they were accustomed to in the past. Everyone, including WJ students, strayed away from “normalcy,” replacing it with masks, social distancing and being forced to stay inside. Because of the restrictions being put in place, many are forced to repeat the same daily routines. A phenomenon caused by this repetitive cycle is the over-excitement of receiving mail.

Receiving mail and packages is not a new occurrence. It can be thrilling, because sometimes what the person receives may be unexpected. Whether it be online shopping or a package from a family overseas, it is exciting to accept what is being sent.

“I know it’s silly, but I get excited because a lot of the time I forget what I buy and it’s like a surprise. The pandemic honestly has just reinforced it because online shopping is just a lot more common nowadays,” junior Karolyna Swartz said.

Due to the pandemic, strict guidelines were enforced on stores, making it difficult for people to shop in person.

“It is harder to go shopping in general, mostly due to the limitations in capacity stores have, the weird hours, and businesses getting shut down,” junior Estelle Roche said.

In this technologically advanced century, many turned to online shopping as a method of entertainment as well as an activity to fill idle time. Small things like shopping and receiving packages can drastically change a person’s mood because it provides them with something to look forward to.

Junior Tomi Ogunnusi explains her experience in receiving packages during the pandemic.

“I do get excited even if it’s something I ordered. I just like opening stuff, it feels like a present,” Ogunnusi said.

There is a slight downside to getting mail and packages. Since there aren’t many distractions on typical days, impatience has become more prominent in waiting for items to arrive.

“On the other hand, the pandemic has made me feel more impatient because I cannot distract myself as much. I pretty much live the same day over and over, stuck at home doing online school work, which makes the time seem longer,” Roche said.

Additionally, to be safe, extra precautions and steps have to be taken to guarantee that the mail that is received is not contaminated.

“Whenever I get a package I make sure to spray it down and sanitize it completely before I put it in my house. Pre-Covid, I would never do that,” Ogunnusi said.
Regardless, minuscule things have impacted people in a greater manner during the pandemic; it can be something as small as an envelope to bring a bit of excitement on a boring, cyclical, isolated day.


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