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Seniors participate in the yearly senior shed painting at WJ.

Life before and after

March 15, 2021

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  • What a better way to show Wildcat spirit than wearing green? Students came decked out in all green to show their WJ pride at a football game.

  • A theme was set every week at WJ football games where students would dress up. With the theme USA, students came embellished in red, white and blue.

  • Prior to the pandemic, educational field trips were a long-standing tradition that many students miss. For MoCO 4 Change’s advocacy day, WJ students explored Annapolis for the day.

  • Traditionally, students would dress up every October and attend WJ’s Homecoming dance. Due to the pandemic, Homecoming was cancelled.

  • At every home football game, the WJ girls varsity pompon team will perform a dance and charm the crowd. Their performance was an event every Wildcat looked forward to!

  • Prior to the pandemic, many students spent their weekends spending time with their friends, trying on clothes and shopping. Junior Karen Howell enjoyed her time trying on hats with her friends in Hawaii.

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No one would have ever thought that one day we would be sent home for almost a year and would need to quarantine because a deadly virus had spread and killed millions of people. That is what happened March 13, 2020, the day that changed life as we know it.

Looking back at photos and taking a path down memory lane, who would have known that one day we would need to wear masks everytime we go out or that we would not have been able to see our friends due to quarantine.


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  • After the death of George Floyd amid the pandemic, thousands protested against police brutality while wearing masks and social distancing.

  • Social distancing signs are placed six feet apart in most places to help enforce CDC social distancing guidelines. Prior to the pandemic, no one would have ever thought they would have needed to maintain a six feet distance from others.

  • Local governments are enforcing occupancy restrictions to help stop the spread of the virus by limiting the number of customers.

  • Due the pandemic, signs are placed in most public areas to enforce face masks and social distancing guidelines. Hand sanitizer is also placed in most public areas to stop the spread of the virus.

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While putting together this photo gallery of life before and after COVID, we put together pictures of what life had been. Including weekly football games with hundreds of students packed in one place, students enjoying their time mask-free, and school-sponsored dances, we wanted to display how much life has changed in the time span of a year.

By displaying the aftermath of all of this in pictures, mask mandates, enforcing social distancing guidelines, and capacity restrictions, we wanted to illustrate how different life has become.


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