• The Bullpen
    Lady Gaga High School: Graduating Class of 2061

    When I started attending WJ, I was excited that my school was named in honor of a legendary baseball player rather than a boring poet. When I asked others the story behind their school’s name, they would unenthusiastically say, “Oh, it’s named after some guy who did something with science” or “This...

  • Print
    Curveball: Protest.Com, How the Internet is Enacting Social Change

    As you comment on a Facebook photo or tweet about the sandwich you’re eating, someone else might be using the same social mediums to plot the next revolution. The mounting political upheaval in Egypt was mostly organized by the administrator of a Facebook fan page entitled “We Are All Khaled Said.” From...

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    Slugger: Watch the Word Vomit

    So, like, um, you know, he, like, um, totes friend requested me. “Totes.” Totes? What is this language we kids are speaking? Because it sure is not English. More and more now I hear these familiar word crutches riddled throughout spoken conversation. But rather than just a minute foible in a manner...

  • Caption Contest
    Submit Your Own Caption!

    Looks like Mr. Merrill (right) is not happy with Dr. Garran (left)… Submit your captions or dialogue below...

  • News
    Top Five World News Events: Feb. 14 – Feb. 21

    This week, change ricocheted throughout the Middle East. Inspired by the success of Egypt and Tunisia, pro-democracy...

  • Arts & Entertainment
    Video of the Week: Fireworks fail 大馬最恐怖的煙火

    The title manages to aptly describes this video, but it still completely understates the magnitude of the failure. What looks like an innocent, civilian-launched firework rocket turns out to be the source of everyone in the vicinity losing control of their bowels as the rocket sends debris that explodes dangerously low. 00

  • News
    Speed Dating for Pennies for Patients

    Watch the video of the awkward, but fun event on Feb. 14, 2011. 00

  • Arts & Entertainment
    Song of the Week: Black and Yellow by Wiz Khalifa

    It seems successful rappers are branching out into other musical genres, one recent example being Kanye West’s recent album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, which was peppered with influences ranging all over the musical spectrum. And no one has benefited more conspicuously from this uncharacteristic borrowing of background music (and the style of other genres in general) than Wiz...

  • Careers of the Week
    Career of the Week: Librarian

    Barbara Ferry is a the Director of Libraries & Information at the National Geographic Society. 1. What made you choose your job? I have always admired National Geographic as a non-profit organization and a media outlet. I used to watch NatGeo programs and read the Magazine when I was a kid and...

  • The Inside Pitch
    Brett Who? Rodgers Claims Foreground in Minds of Green Bay Fans

    For the past three years, Aaron Rodgers has been living in the aftermath of Hurricane Favre, and despite their team making serious improvements each year, the faithful fans of Green Bay still remained bitter at the departure of their veteran leader.  On Feb. 6, Rodgers stepped outside of Favre’s shadow and made his...

  • News
    At Height of Egypt Crisis, Amnesty International Shows Solidarity

    Eighteen days of protest brought a modern-day dictatorship to its knees in Egypt, but the protests calling...

  • Boys' Basketball
    Boys Basketball Works Toward Rebuilding Season

    The boys basketball team continues to work on rebuilding their season, extending their record to 7-13 with a few remaining games in the schedule as they try to solidify their regular season before heading into the postseason. Led mostly by a talented group of underclassmen, the team had their share of ups and downs...

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