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Lady Gaga High School: Graduating Class of 2061

Jessica Evans, Online Editorial Editor

February 27, 2011

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When I started attending WJ, I was excited that my school was named in honor of a legendary baseball player rather than a boring poet. When I asked others the story behind their school’s name, they would unenthusiastically say,...

Curveball: Protest.Com, How the Internet is Enacting Social Change

Sasha Tycko, Print Editor-in-Chief

February 25, 2011

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As you comment on a Facebook photo or tweet about the sandwich you’re eating, someone else might be using the same social mediums to plot the next revolution. The mounting political upheaval in Egypt was mostly organized by the...

Slugger: Watch the Word Vomit

Alexandra Sanfuentes, Print Editor-in-Chief

February 25, 2011

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So, like, um, you know, he, like, um, totes friend requested me. "Totes." Totes? What is this language we kids are speaking? Because it sure is not English. More and more now I hear these familiar word crutches riddled throughout...

Submit Your Own Caption!

Submit Your Own Caption!

February 23, 2011

Career of the Week: Librarian

Taliah Dommerholt, Online Feature Editor

February 18, 2011

Filed under Careers of the Week, Feature

Barbara Ferry is a the Director of Libraries & Information at the National Geographic Society. 1. What made you choose your job? I have always admired National Geographic as a non-profit organization and a media out...

Brett Who? Rodgers Claims Foreground in Minds of Green Bay Fans

Daniel Fanaroff, Online Sports Editor

February 17, 2011

Filed under The Inside Pitch

For the past three years, Aaron Rodgers has been living in the aftermath of Hurricane Favre, and despite their team making serious improvements each year, the faithful fans of Green Bay still remained bitter at the departure...

Boys Basketball Works Toward Rebuilding Season

Hannah Flesch, Assistant Print Sports Editor

February 16, 2011

Filed under Boys' Basketball, Sports News

The boys basketball team continues to work on rebuilding their season, extending their record to 7-13 with a few remaining games in the schedule as they try to solidify their regular season before heading into the postseason. Led...

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