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    Gender Equity: Women’s Plight in Politics

    WJ has never had a female SGA president in the past eight years. In addition, out of the three females who have been on the SGA in the past eight years, all three have held the position of secretary. Still, WJ at least has had female presidents of individual grades, and certainly...

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    Order a Rose from The Pitch!

    Fill this form out by Fri. Feb. 10 so your valentine can receive a rose on Valentine’s...

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    A Day in the Life of Principal Jennifer Baker

    It is 7 a.m. on a weekday and Principal Jennifer Baker arrives at school. After checking her email and responding to urgent matters, such as malfunctioning equipment, in the building, she goes into the halls and greets students. For most of her day, Baker conducts meetings with staff, members of her administrative...

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    Print Pitch Jan. 27 Sudoku Answers

    Here are the answers to the Sudoku on page 15 of the Jan. 27 Print Pitch! 00

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    The Environmental Effort at WJ

    Although our individual school’s ecological footprint is only a fraction of the nation’s, WJ staff and students are contributing to environmental health by making efforts to save energy and mitigate pollution. Perhaps there are inefficient aspects of WJ’s energy use, such as the hundreds of papers printed each day and the Styrofoam...

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    Abandoned Ship: A Look inside the Costa Concordia Disaster

    What should have been a peaceful Mediterranean cruise quickly became a harrowing nightmare for the passengers of...

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    The Political Side of WJ

    Although the mandatory government class may be most high school students’ only exposure to politics, certain politically active students choose to go above and beyond, both in their views and their extra-curricular activities. In fall of 2011, senior Ben Esenstad interned for a candidate running for mayor of Rockville. Though the candidate,...

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    Moco Carryout Bag Law: A Necessary Step

    The new year brought some resolutions, renewed expectations and a long-awaited beginning. It also brought a five cent tax on all plastic bags at Montgomery County retail stores, effective Jan. 1. When I saw this new tax, I was thrilled. I believe that if the government is going to tax anything, it should...

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    Penny Clarke Shares Experience with Freshmen

    On Dec. 22, a special guest visited English teacher Joanne Reynolds’ classes. Penny Clarke, an accomplished lawyer and mother of WJ freshman Sabrina Clarke, spoke about her life as an African-American woman, as Reynolds thought it would relate to her class discussion of To Kill A Mocking Bird by Harper Lee. “As a black...

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    NBA Preview

    As Lebron would say, not one, not two, not three but 149 days after the players were locked out, the NBA is finally back. Starting Christmas day, the abbreviated regular season tipped off with the New York Knicks edging the Boston Celtics. Long removed from NBA action, most fans probably forget what’s...

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    60 Minutes: An Inside Look with Producer Shari Finkelstein

     When Shari Finkelstein graduated from Walt Whitman HS, she did not imagine she would one day enter the field of broadcast journalism, working as a producer for “60 Minutes.” In fact she had no idea what she wanted to do, although she toyed with the idea of going into public policy and...

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    A Future in the Arts

      The Man of Many Characters: Eddie Simon Growing up in a musical family, senior Eddie Simon was destined to be in the spotlight. He has now been a part of 10 plays, six of which were WJ productions. Out of those 10 plays, he has been the lead in five. “It...

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