Eight reasons you should vote Waka Flocka for president


Photo courtesy of Atlantic Records

Waka Flocka is determined to win your vote in the 2016 presidential election.

Zack Shapiro, Online Arts & Entertainment Editor

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, rapper Waka Flocka Flame made good on his promise to run for president. After tweeting “I’m dead a– running for president 2016,” back in 2012, Flocka finally released his campaign video on his favorite day of the year, Apr. 20.

While some might see Flocka’s candidacy as a joke, others are very pleased with the new candidate. Here are some reasons Flocka should earn your vote:

1. Important New Legislation

Flocka promises that the second he is elected into office, he will legalize marijuana, because, “a blunt a day keeps the pain away.”

2. Education Reform

Flocka vows to create new curriculum which will teach students more “reality skills.” Also, anyone who doesn’t know all his lyrics will be sent back to third grade.

3. Swift Action

While today’s politics often revolve around stalemates between the President and Congress, Flocka vows not to let Congress slow him down.

“F— congress, I am congress. I’m president,” he said in the campaign video.

4. Tighter Regulations

Flocka vows to increase regulations in the food industry, by banning dogs and other pets from restaurants. 

“I don’t wanna see no… animal in the restaurant ever again,” he said.

5. Social Reform

Flocka promises big social reform including banning people with shoe sizes larger than 13 from using the sidewalks, adding, “I don’t wanna see your big a– shoes taking up all the space on the concrete.”

6. Elimination of Oppressive Dress Codes

Flocka understands how oppressive dress codes can be, and is ready to take action to eliminate them. Flocka promises he will refuse to wear suits to meetings because they’re “irritating” choosing to instead “[roll] in wearing tank tops [and] flip flops.” 

7. Economic Reform

Luckily for America, Flocka knows how to strengthen the economy by increasing minimum wage to $15 dollars an hour because, “In-n-Out burger is doing it, [and its a] great idea.” 

8. Briiiiiiick Squaaaaaaaad 

How cool would the State of the Union be if Flocka rapped it?