Win or lose, Clash of the Classes tested talents of all


Trevor Kanter, Staff Writer

February at WJ means Pennies for Patients events for the students; a time that everyone looks forward to. This year, the SGA chose to start off with an event called Clash of the Classes on February 2, or Clash, as the students call it, a relatively new event that most students don’t know too much about.

In Clash of the Classes, the students are split up into teams based on their grade and compete in a series of events to earn points for their team. The winner of each event earns the most points, and the team with the most points at the end of the last event wins the entire competition.
The events included dodgeball, tug of war, relay race, trivia and soccer. Sophomore Maddie Terry, who went to Clash both last year and this year, said she enjoyed the event.
“This year I did the relay and tug of war and it was really fun!” she said. “Especially because I got to participate in something with a lot of people from school.”
The seniors barely managed to edge out the juniors for first place overall, so there really was some good competition. Behind the juniors came the sophomores in third place and the freshmen in fourth.
“Even though the juniors and seniors won almost all of the events, all of the teams actually got very competitive, so that was cool to see,” Terry said.
But winning wasn’t really the prize for Sophomore Nico Wood, who participated in dodgeball and soccer for the sophomore team.
“The seniors won both of the events that I signed up for,” Wood said. “I still had fun playing with my friends even though we didn’t win. Hopefully next year we can be the first junior class to upset the seniors.”
Many of the people who went to the event seemed to walk away happy. Junior Gerry Gruber, who attended Clash this year for the first time, was one of those satisfied people.
“I don’t understand why more people don’t come to Clash, it’s definitely one of the best events, even if we didn’t win. It’s not too expensive and the money goes to a really great cause” he said. “It’s a really fun thing to do after school with your friends. If only more people would go, then it would be so much better.”
Those people could be you. So next year, when February comes around and Pennies for Patients begins, be sure to listen for announcements about Clash of the Classes so that you can grab a ticket.