Driving Regulations Become Stricter Under New Laws

On Oct. 31, 2009, teenagers will have to adhere to new regulations regarding the requirements for passing their drivers test and restrictions on the Maryland Graduated Licensing System according to the Motor Vehicle Administration’s Web site.

Under current Maryland state law, those who violate provisional-license rules must restart their provisional license and wait five months until they can legally drive non-family members. In November 2008, state legislators drafted a bill increasing the rules and restrictions on provisional/graduated licenses.

Teenagers who get their permits or apply for a license after Oct. 31 will be subject to more stringent rules on the Graduated Licensing System that can result in a suspension of one’s driving privileges for a “to-be-determined” length of time.

In addition, the state will be implementing tougher qualifications to pass the driving test compared to the former policies. Previously, the MVA took drivers on a closed course which simulated areas that one might see on public roads. The new examination will be performed on both a closed and an open road.