Freshman Class Elects Officers

Abby Singley

Chris McCurry, son of Mike McCurry, former press secretary to President Bill Clinton, was elected president of the freshman class in elections held Sept. 18. Along with McCurry, Tyson Glover was elected vice president, Andrew Matus was elected secretary and Sasha Marshack was elected treasurer.

“I think there is a unique school spirit here at WJ,” said McCurry. “I wanted to get my class excited and supportive about being in a new school.”

As recently elected vice president, Glover would like to create a cohesive bond between his freshmen classmates, as the majority of students have come from two separate middle schools – Tilden and North Bethesda.

“I really wanted to get rid of our old identities of Tilden and North Bethesda students,” said Glover.

Glover wants the class to become “more of a community of students” and most importantly, “to become Wildcats.”

Freshman class advisor and social studies teacher Sarah Bourgeois said she was optimistic about the new leadership of the freshman class.

“I think they’re really going to be good leaders,” said Bourgeois. “I think that’s what we need when you have freshmen that are from two schools coming together to try and relate as a class.”

Freshman Alec Marks wants the officers to follow through on their agendas.

 “It’s like a regular presidential election, but I hope they keep their promises,” said Marks. 

The officers are working on their G.I. Joe theme for their homecoming hall. Later in the year, they hope to have some successful fundraisers. Playing off of its military support theme, the class is planning to have a dog tag sale, that all students can buy, to raise money. Ultimately, Bourgeois hopes to donate to a cause that will benefit soldiers.

When fundraising, Bourgeois hopes the officers won’t focus solely on their class needs, but on other community needs as well. 

“I hope that we can do philanthropy, which is not something that other classes have traditionally done,” she said. 

McCurry sees great things to come from the class of 2013.

“I hope to have the freshmen class participate in as many school activities as we can and raise our interest and spirit about WJ,” he said.

“Our class has the potential to be the best class. We are the largest class to ever come to WJ with over 530 students!”

McCurry defeated Phillip Resnick and Ted Borenstein, while Glover won the votes over Evan Zuckerman and Mandee Mapes. Matus won against Elizabeth Hannah and Amy Caplon, and Marshack was elected over Rachel Wang.