Bad Day to Be a Pumpkin: Student Pie Eating Contest

Katie Levingston

The Pie Eating contest is a much-anticipated tradition at the “Bad Day to be a Pumpkin” festivities. WJ students lined up behind a table and braced themselves for an intense competition.

Senior Sam Lichtman, wearing a strategic pair of goggles, was ready to forcefully eat away at the helpless pie. But it was a little too much, too quick for the SGA secretary as he flipped the pie upside down on the table with his mouth, complying with the no-hands rule, perhaps out of desperation for a different tactic.

Meanwhile, on Lichtman’s left, reigning champion senior Daniel Kirwan remained as cool as ever and slowly caught up with Lichtman. The other student competitors were overshadowed as the race was soon only between Kirwan and Lichtman. After a hasty finish, both players had their pies upside down and their mouths full of pumpkin pie as the judges, senior class vice-president Andres Rocha and SGA President Tristan Plunkett, decided on a winner.

After much deliberation, due to the closeness of the race, Kirwan was again deemed the winner for the second consecutive year. The judges decided in the time alotted that he ate the most of his pie.

Watch paraeducator Tim Nori as he wins the teacher pie eating contest.