Pennies for Patients: Fundraisers Raise $29,000

Ku Jung

Continuing a four-year winning streak, the Leadership class achieved a fifth win in the Maryland Pennies for Patients fundraiser this year, raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. After facing new competition, the Leadership class created new events in an attempt to raise more money than any year before.

 With the support of the entire WJ community, the school raised a striking $29,000 to support leukemia patients. Yesterday, HOT 99.5 came to the school to deliver the exciting news, and WJ has yet another plaque of Pennies for Patients pride.

Pong for Pennies for Patients

It was the fourth straight successful year for the Pong for Pennies for Patients (PPP) fundraiser, which raised $1,053 on Feb. 22 after school at the student commons. “It was the most chaotic event ever,” said senior Jessica Peterson,  one of the leaders of the event. After three hours of play, seniors Nico Deandreis and Reid Litowitz emerged as the final champions.“We came in expecting to win, if we had lost it would’ve been a great disappointment,” said Litowitz.

Futsal Tournament

The Futsal Tournament met its first year with success, with over a hundred people participating and raising a total of $585 on Feb. 23 in the main gym. Seniors Marissa Meliker, Celia Karp, Daniel Kirwan, Kevin Spak and Caitlin Seppi were in charge of the fundraiser. The winning team was “Always Strapped,” who received bracelets as a prize.

Ping Pong Tournament

The Ping Pong Tournament was held at the Student Commons on Feb. 25 and raised $150. Led by seniors Chris Park and Michael Pitsenberger, the event was won by sophomore Jordan Krasner.

Club Prowl

Club Prawl raised $3,300 after a total of 300 tickets were sold to the Feb. 26 event. The dance went from 8:30 p.m.-12 a.m., and featured a DJ from the University of Maryland, who was also a former graduate of WJ. The entire leadership class helped but SGA President Tristan Plunkett, Vice-President Garett Schiponi and Treasurer Mateo Williamson, along with senior Carl Roberts took the lead in running the fundraiser.

Burrito Mile

The now-legendary Burrito Mile met its fourth successful year, raising approximately $3,100 on Feb. 27 at Tilden Middle School. Though not a school-sponsored event, all proceeds were donated to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. There were four different events runners could participate in: the freshmen/sophomore mile, the open mile, the elite burrito mile and the 4×8 relay. Freshman Ben Crites won the freshmen/sophomore mile, while senior Rachel Albershardt won the elite burrito mile, in which participants must submit their track records in order to run. Organized for the first time in 2007 by Rafi Moersen, it has since been taken over by senior Sean O’Leary, who has helped to strengthen the event’s popularity in recent years.